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Below are links to a wide range of articles written by and about IPA members for the press. 

  • The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies announces the winner of its first annual prize for the best paper submitted and published in 2020: Screen Confessions: the Test Case for Breaking the Silence by Dana Amir and Nehama Ha-Cohen Click here
  • A brain researcher on what Freud got right | Mark Solms |  Washington Post | By Jess Keiser | Feb. 26, 2021 Click here to read article
  • Des émeutiers du Capitole se sentaient investis d'une « mission » Luis Brunet | La Presse | 30 January 2021 Click here to read the article in full (in French)


  • The intimate letters of Sigmund Freud - Eran Rolnik | Haaretz | Friday, June 28 2019 *Since its publication in April 2019 Eran Rolnik’s annotated edition of Freud’s letters to 70 different recipients is Nr. 1 in Israel’s Bestsellers’ list for Non-fiction
    The vast trove of Sigmund Freud’s letters sheds light not only on the subjects that occupied the father of psychoanalysis, but also on the role the very act of writing them played in his life. Click here to read the article.  Epistolary Epiphanies- Freud as a Letter Writer

  • The shameless ones - Eran Rolnik | Haaretz | Friday, September 14, 2018
    What some contemporary heroes of culture and politics have in common is not contempt for the law, but contempt for guilt. Click here to read article.
  • Death's DominionNoga Klein and Hilo Glazer | Friday, September 14, 2018 | Haaretz - click here to read the article
  • The Ring Master - Eran Rolnik  Friday, August 24, 2018 | Haaretz
    Sigmund Freud gave bejeweled rings engraved with mythological figures to patients and to members of the ‘secret committee’ of psychoanalysts that he founded. What prompted the father of psychoanalysis to give such gifts, one of which ended up in Jerusalem? Click here to read the article.
  • Argentine psychoanalytic Association Celebrates 75 Years 14 December 2017 Click here.
  • Bad Chemistry  It’s impossible to love life when sorrow is treated as little more than garbage that needs to be disposed of by way of a ‘happiness pill’. 22 November 2017 Opinion article by Eran Rolnik.