Psychoanalysis and the Mental Health Field Committee


  1. to analyze the current situation (eg, is it the same mechanisms globally or are there regional differences? and for example, how much is it a result of pharmaceutical companies strategy and how much has to do with the "economy thinking" in society today where focus is on treating the patient in order to make him "functional" again?);
  2. to hold a face-to-face meeting before the end of 2013, and to send an initial progress report to the January 2014 Board meeting;
  3. to devise a strategy for the IPA to give psychoanalysis a voice within psychiatry, as well as to promote the use of psychoanalytic knowledge within the medical sciences at large; and to present this to the July 2014 Board meeting, with a view to a detailed work programme commencing in January 2015 (or earlier if possible);

Over the next 18 month to undertake this work in partnership with the Research Committee, the University Committee and any other relevant IPA committees, and to take full advantage of the IPA's website. Where possible, meetings should take advantage of Skype, GoToMeeting or other free-to-use systems, including the community functionality on the IPA website. The committee should plan to present their work during the IPA's 2015 Boston Congress.

An initial budget of US$20,000 is allocated for the remainder of 2013.


The committee shall consist of a Chair and up to nine other Members (from each region: two co-Chairs (one a psychiatrist and one not), plus one additional member), plus additionally any consultants who they consider necessary to help inform and develop their work. The President and Vice President shall be ex officio members.

Approved by the Board August 2013.

Change to "Membership" section approved by the Board January 2014.

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