The XXXV Annual Symposium of the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association( APdeBA ) took place on October 32, November 1 and 2, 2013 . It was entitled " The Realities of Psychoanalysis: Theory , Clinic and Transmission " in relation to the  FEPAL next Congress to be held in Buenos Aires from September 3-6  2014. We have organized 15 sessions  where we discussed a total of 32 free papers, 18 contributions to panels in addition to the 25 workshops that were presented. APdeBA’s annual scientific meeting was established in an area of rigorous and respectful debate on the subject of reality in clinical and theoretical perspectives, and also in regard to psychoanalytic training. There were spaces where analysts with different levels of experience( including young analysts and candidates) debated with training analysts and colleagues from the other five IPA Societies of Argentina .

We had the great joy that besides the large home crowd , we had the visit and the contributions of analysts who came from abroad as Prof. Jacques Andre ( Psychoanalytic Association of France) , Dr. Silvia Flechner (Psychoanalytic Association of Uruguay) ) , Nilde Parada Franch ( SBPde Sao Paulo ), Alice and Sergio Lewcowicz   ( SPPorto Alegre) , Eduardo Vera Ocampo ( French Association of Psychoanalysis) .

We were honored with the presence of Alexandra Billinghurst (Vice President of the International Psychoanalytical Association ) who participated in various activities , including a candidate’s workshop.

Historically, our symposium is open to all professionals in Mental Health working in various hospital settings and at  the University ,who contributed bringing their experience making the concept of  reality closer to the experiences we have in various work contexts . Psychoanalysis can contribute with both its perspective bout also in  hearing  the colleagues’ experiences  who face everyday social reality that challenges us .

Subcommittee Symposium

Virginia Ungar (Director ) , Susan  Kuras de Mauer (Secretary ) , Fabio Alvarez , Violeta Fernandez, Carlos Maffi , Clara Margulis, Rosa Schenkel , Inés Vidal.