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Each of the IPA's Committees falls under one of the following categories:

  • Development
  • Scientific
  • IPA in the Community
  • Administration and Governance

Keyword search results

Committee NameCategory
Addiction Sub-Cttee of the Mental Health Field CtteeIPA in the CommunityADDICTION
IPA and Humanitarian Organisations CommitteeIPA in the CommunityIPAINHUMORGS
IPA in Culture CommitteeIPA in the CommunityIPAINCULTURE
IPA in Education CommitteeIPA in the CommunityIPAINED
IPA in Health CommitteeIPA in the CommunityIPAINHEALTH
Migration & Refugees sub-committeeIPA in the CommunityMIGRATION
Psychoanalysis & the University CommitteeIPA in the CommunityPSA UNI
Psychoanalysis and Law CommitteeIPA in the CommunityPSA LAW
Psychoanalysis and the Mental Health Field CommitteeIPA in the CommunityPSYPSY
United Nations sub-committeeIPA in the CommunityUN
Violence CommitteeIPA in the CommunityVIOLENCE
World Health Organization CommitteeIPA in the CommunityWHO CTTEE