Winners Announced 

The 2021 IPA Aphorism Competition invites you to submit an aphorism that represents the theme of the IPA’s International Congress, “The Infantile: its multiple dimensions”.

Two Awards:

General Public Award: “The Public Choice Award
Winner: Luiz Moreno Guimarães Reino
IPA Candidate: since 2018
IPA Society: Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo (SBPSP)

IPA Jury Award: “The IPA Jury Best Overall Aphorism
Winner: Mario Cóccaro
IPA Member: Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina (Argentinean Psychoanalytic Society)

The Prize

The two winners will be presented with £200 pounds each. The Aphorisms will be posted on the IPA website.

If you need to translate any of the aphorisms we recommend: https://www.deepl.com/translator


Winner IPA Just Best Overall Aphorism
Cuando fuimos pequeños, éramos grandiosos.

Winner Public Choice Award

"Se quero saber quem sou, devo esquecer quem sou; só então, como o rio Aqueronte a surgir na superfície, brotará a alteridade íntima – aquele que está mais em mim do que eu mesmo: o infantil."
If I want to know who I am, I must forget who I am; only then, like the Acheron River rising to the surface, will my innermost otherness spring forth – the one who is more in me than myself: the infantile.

What you need to know
The 2021 IPA Aphorism Competition is for the highest quality and original aphorism. This aphorism entry should explore the ways in which “The Infantile: its multiple dimensions” is perceived, challenged and represented.
The Aphorism Competition is open to anyone, aged 18 years old and above. We welcome entries from IPA Members, Candidates and non-Members.

How to enter

Please send your aphorism entry to Rhoda Bawdekar: [email protected]

  • The IPA Aphorism Competition is open to IPA Members, Candidates and the General Public. 
  • Entries must be no longer than four lines long.
  • Only one aphorism per entrant can be submitted.
  • Aphorisms must be related to the Congress theme  “The Infantile: it’s multiple dimensions”
  • Aphorisms can be submitted in any language.
  • Aphorisms must be the author’s own original work.

Deadline: 30th of May 2021.

Late entries will not be considered.
Please ensure that you provide your name, IPA Society (if applicable) and Country of residence with your entry

Judging criteria
An initial selection will be made by María Inés Nieto from the IPA Website Editorial Board. This selection will be passed onto the Jury and they will choose a winner. The initial selection will also be posted on our IPA website for an online public vote and a winner will be chosen from that vote. The Aphorisms selected will be those that best reflect “The Infantile: it’s multiple dimensions”. In particular, the jury will be looking for aphorisms that are:

• Original
• Creative
• Thought-provoking
• Inspiring
• Relevant
• Internationally appealing

For all queries write to Rhoda Bawdekar-Sebastián: [email protected]

The IPA Jury

María Inés Nieto, Coordinator of the Aphorism Competition
Romolo Petrini, Chair Website Editorial Board
Alejandro Nagy, Social Media Committee Chair
Rhoda Bawdekar, Web and Publications Manager
Merav Roth  - Israel Psychoanalytical Society
Daniela Andronache - Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis  
Moisés Lemlij - Sociedad Peruana de Psicoanálisis
Héctor Cothros - Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina
Cordelia Schmidt Hellerau - ApsaA  
Barbara Stimmel - ApsaA
Minnie Dastur - Indian Society, Mumbai Chapter  
Ming-Min Yang - Taiwan Study Group      

The Members of the 4 IPA Regions are chosen based upon their recognised competence in the specific cultural area.