The IPA Video Award challenges you to create a video that presents “The Infantile: it’s multiple dimensions” in memorable and innovative ways (the theme of the IPA Congress in Vancouver, July 2021). 

The Public Vote will open from 1st July



A Video Award entry form should be completed for each entry. The videos themselves should be posted online (any video hosting platform is acceptable). The URL of the video must be included in the entry form. Please read the Terms and Rules before completing the Video Award entry form. Entering the form indicates agreement and acceptance of Terms. 

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The Public Choice Award & The IPA Jury Best Overall Video. The two Winners will win £1,000 pounds each. The award winning films will be screened at the IPA Vancouver Congress in July 2021 and posted on the IPA website.


The entrant grants the IPA non-exclusive rights and all entries are subject to use, modification and distribution under the Terms and Conditions & Rules 2021 . The IPA reserves the right to withhold an award if no entries meet our standards for quality.



The 2021 IPA Video Award is for the highest quality, original, short film. The entry should explore the ways in which “The Infantile” is perceived, challenged and represented. The Video Award is open to anyone, aged 18 years old and above. We welcome entries from IPA Members, Candidates and non-Members.
Each entry will be judged on: 
a.  Accuracy
b.  Originality
c.  Clarity
d. The extent to which it effectively demonstrates the chosen focus in a memorable way.





Your video must be 4 minutes or less, including title and end titles. (Any videos longer than 4 minutes will not be accepted).



For all queries write to: Rhoda Bawdekar





  • Opening: 1st December 2020
  • Deadline: 30th May 2021
  • Shortlist of 10 videos: 15th June 2021 (selected by the 2 Co-ordinators)
  • Shortlist of 5 videos: 30th June 2021 (selected by the nominated Jury)
  • Closing of Online Voting for both Awards: 15th July 2021

The IPA Jury will select 5 videos to go forward for the public vote; as well as the ‘IPA Jury Best Overall Video’. Their choice may be the same as the general public award. The names of the winners will be announced once the Public Choice Award has been chosen.




Two Members from the four IPA Regions have been chosen based on their recognised competence in the specific cultural area.

Co-ordinators of the  IPA Video Award

Maria Cristina Vasconcellos - Sociedade Psicanalítica de Porto Alegre, SPPA, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Maria Grazia Vassallo - Società Psicoanalitica Italiana, SPI, Pisa, Italia
Chair of the Website Editorial Board: Romolo Petrini - Società Psicoanalitica Italiana, SPI, Roma, Italia
Chair of the Social Media Committee: Alejandro Nagy - American Psychoanalytic Association, APsaA, Los Angeles, USA
Web and Publications Manager: Rhoda Bawdekar-Sebastián, IPA Staff, London, UK

Paola Golinelli -Società Psicoanalitica Italiana (SPI) ,  Bologna, Italia
Stanislav Matacic -  Hrvastsko psihoanaliticko drustvo (Hpd) , Zagreb, Croatia

Latin America
Doris Berlin - Sociedad Pscicoanalitica de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela
Roberto Santoro - Sociedade Psicanalítica do Rio de Janeiro, SPRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

North America
Garrick Duckler -  Oregon Psychoanalytic Center, OPC, Portland, USA
Bruce H. Sklarew - American Psychoanalytic Association, APsaA, Chevy Chase, USA

Asia Pacific
Maria Teresa Hooke - Australian Psychoanalytical Society, APS, Sydney, Australia
Minako Nishi - Japan Psychoanalytic Society, JPS, Kyoto-fu, Japan