Aphorism Competition 2019
The Word. 

This year the IPA’s Culture Committee, in conjunction with the Web Editorial Board, launched a new competition to highlight the theme of the IPA’s Congress – the feminine. IPA members and non-members were invited to submit an original aphorism that represented the theme. The winner received a prize of $300. Aphorisms were welcome in any language and they were judged on whether they were relevant, creative, thought-provoking, inspiring and internationally appealing.

The unanimous winner of the IPA Aphorism 2019 Competition as chosen by the Culture Committee is June M. Campbell, a non-member from the British Psychoanalytic Council

“On the shores of critical thinking ‘the feminine’  laps endlessly, announcing an uncanny yet familiar presence in our lives”. 

Congratulations to June and all those that took part in this competition.