International New Groups  

We would like to welcome you to the International New Groups (ING) site.  Our aim is to inform IPA colleagues about the work of the ING Committee and to share with you our experiences of working in new areas, new countries and with new cultures. We would also like to introduce you to our ING community which includes IPA colleagues working as Sponsors, Liaisons and Site Visit Committees, with new Study Groups and Provisional Societies in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.  The ING Committee also works with the Latin American Institute (a joint venture with the Latin American Federation for Psychoanalysis - FEPAL) the European Psychoanalytic Institute EPI (a joint venture with the European Psychoanalytic Federation - EPF), and the IPA China Committee.  

The work of the ING is an important aspect of the IPA activities, we hope that a better awareness of the expansion and development of psychoanalysis in new areas could be a stimulus for reflection on contemporary psychoanalysis, on its challenges and difficulties but also on the interest and opportunities for the future in a changing world.  

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Cláudio Laks Eizirik
ING Chair

ING Roster

Claudio Laks Eizirik (Chair),  Porto Alegre
Marilia Aisenstein-Averoff  (Co-Chair Europe),  Paris
Silvia Flechner (Co-Chair Latin America), Montevideo
Harriet Basseches (Co-Chair North America), Washington
Rudi Vermote (Co-Chair for Allied Centres) Brussels
Giovanni Foresti (Co-Chair for Applicant Societies Committee) Pavia
Gábor Szönyi(EPI Liaison) Budapest (photo right)          
Maria Teresa Calabrese (ILAP Liaison) Buenos Aires
Joanne Beavis, Head of ING (staff)
Sebastián Montes, ING Assistant 

Image above from left to right: Claudio Laks Eizirik, Joanne Beavis,
Maria Teresa Calabrese, Sergio Nick (IPA Vice-President), 
Silvia Flechner, Marilia Aisenstein, Harriett Basseches.

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The International New Groups Committee (ING) falls within the Development group of IPA Committees. The overall strategic objective of this Group of Committees is to: 'expand the profession both within current and new geographic areas whilst maintaining high professional standards.' The Committee has the following three areas of responsibility: Click here to read more

Changes of Status 2020

The International New Groups Committee are pleased to announce the following groups have been promoted this year.  We would like to thank and congratulate the members and leaders of the groups for their patience and diligence on what is always a long and difficult journey. We would also like to thank their Sponsoring Committees for the dedication they have shown in supporting their groups in order to reach this status. We look forward to working alongside these new Provisional Societies on the next stage of their development.
June 2020: the IPA Board unanimously approved Interim Provisional Society status for the  Campinas Psychoanalytical Group.
January 2020: the IPA Board unanimously approved Interim Provisional Society status for both the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies of Panama and the Bulgarian Psychoanalytical Society.

London July 2019

During the IPA Congress in London the ING Committee held a meeting with all Sponsors, Liaisons and Site Visitors who were attending the Congress. The ING Committee feels it is extremely important to hold these meetings wherever possible to give the Committee members the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions related to the work they are carrying out on behalf of the IPA. 

From left to right: Regina Coimbra, Catia Codornis,Serapio Marcano, Gleda Araújo, Ingo Foke, Harriet Basseches, Gabor Szönyi, Bernard Chervet, Joanne Beavis, Cláudio Laks Eizirik, Silvia Flechner, Rudi Vermote, Jasminka Suljagic, Roger Kennedy, and Randi Wirth.     

The Chair, Cláudio Laks Eizirik, and the North American Co-Chair, Harriet I. Basseches, met individually with members of the Vermont Study Group, the Korean Study Group, the Taiwanese Study Group and Direct Members from China.

Members of the Korean Study Group and Allied Centre with the members of the ING Committee in London

IPA Business Meeting, London 2019

In London the IPA Board and Business Meetings approved the following:

     Dr. César Garza Guerrero, President of CEIP - Monterrey, Mexico           Dr. Anne Pflugger, President of Santa Catarina Nucleus of Psychoanalysis

Call for Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering to work for the International New Groups Committee?   

The International New Groups Committee is always looking for new and dynamic volunteer IPA Members to work with the IPA’s developing groups.  
There is no doubt that the work is time consuming and can be difficult – however being a key part of the development of a new IPA training group can be an enormously rewarding and exciting challenge.  Read More.