IPA in the Community- 2021 Award Recipients

President’s Award
Winners: Katharine Frost, Tony Hamburger, and Sue Levy 
Society: South African Psychoanalytical Association
Project: Ububele Baby Mat Project

IPA in Climate 
Winner: Sally Weintrobe
Society: British Psychoanalytical Society 
Project: The Work of Psychoanalysis Applied to the Environmental Crisis

IPA in Culture 
Winner: Daniel Pick
Society: British Psychoanalytical Society 
Project: Hidden Persuaders

Runner-up: Christine Nunes 
Society: Rio de Janeiro Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Libros sobre el Tatami

IPA and Humanitarian Organisations 
Winners: Ananya Kushwaha, Javed Ahmed, Mahua Chatterjee, and Bharti Jain
Society: Indian Psychoanalytical Society  
Project: Developing Psychodynamic Research in The Area of Social Development
IPA in Health
Winners: Talia Fruhauf and Ilan Amir 
Society: Israel Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Intensive dynamic psychotherapy in the community

Runner-up: Hamutal Raz-Shiloach
Society: Israel Psychoanalytic Society
Project: The Multicultural Center for Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

Covid-19 (IPA in Health sub-area)
Winners: Humberto Persano, David Gutnisky, Victoria Kugler, Sandra Garcia Taboada, Adrian Ventura 
Society: Argentine Psychoanalytic Association 
Project: La Red Integrada de Servicios de Salud Mental Públicos de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires en el Contexto de la Pandemia por Covid-19 

Elizabeth Palacios
Society: Madrid Psychoanalytical Association
Project: Comisión de Crisis Covid 19 de la APM

IPA in Education 
Winners: Laura Ravaioli, Cinzia Carnevali, and Gabriella Vandi
Society: Italian Psychoanalytical Society
Project: Adolescents and Migrants: poetry of resistance and play
Runner-up: Luca Nicoli and Stefano Tugnoli 
Society: Italian Psychoanalytical Society
Project: Freud and the changing world: Psychoanalysis and contemporary problems

IPA in Psychoanalysis and Law
Winner: Scott Turner
Society: Psychoanalytic Center of California
Project: Law Enforcement, Containment and Reverie: A Psychoanalytic Endeavor

IPA in Violence 
Winners: Korinna Fritzemeyer, Janina Mehner, and Lena Schestag
Society: German Psychoanalytical Association
Project: „Gemeinsam stark! “/"Strong together!"

Runner-up: Jorge Tió
Society: Spanish Psychoanalytical Society
Project: Specific attention to adolescence from a community perspective