IPA Webinar: IPA Board Representatives – Structure, Roles and Current Issues

Sunday 17th February 2019, 16:00 – 17:30 GMT

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The IPA is a worldwide organisation with over 13,000 members and more than 100 component societies. It is governed by a democratically elected board comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and seven Representatives from each of the three IPA regions. 

In this webinar, three members of the current IPA Board (2017 – 2019), Abel Fainstein, Giovanni Foresti and William Glover, will give an extraordinary perspective of the structure and roles of the IPA Board. 

They will provide an overview of some of the current issues that the Board is addressing, such as, asserting the value of psychoanalysis in modern times, supporting training and formation of psychoanalysts, and adapting psychoanalytic praxis to our changing environment. In addition, they will outline the valuable role of IPA Board Representatives in providing a link between the IPA and constituent organisations and members. 

Through this webinar, we hope to provide members with a greater understanding of the importance of voting for their preferred regional Representatives, as well as their preferred candidates for President, Vice President and Treasurer, in order to have more representative authorities. 

Abel Fainstein – MD by the University of Buenos Aires. Master in Psychoanalysis. Psychiatrist. Full member and past President of the Argentine Psychoanalytical Association and from the Latin American Psychoanalytical Federation. Full member and Latin American Representative of the IPA 2015-2017 and 2017-2019. Professor at the APA Institute Ángel Garma and at the Master Programme in Psychoanalysis Universidad del Salvador – APA. 

Giovanni Foresti MD PhD – lives in Paiva (Italy). He is training and supervising analyst of the SPI (Italian Psychoanalytic Society), works in private practice as a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and organisational consultant. He teaches at the State University of Milan (School of Psychiatry), at the Milan Catholic University (Psychology of Organisations and Marketing) and at the SPI National Institute for Training. He is a member of OPUS, London, and part of the Scientific Committee of IL NODO group, Turin. He served as co-chair for Europe of the Committee “Psychoanalysis and the Mental Health Field”, he is now on the IPA Board as European Representative. His interests are focused on clinical issues, institutional functioning, and group dynamics. 

William C. Glover – PhD Clinical Psychology, is on the faculty and a training and supervising analyst at the San Francisco Centre for Psychoanalysis. He is President-Elect of the American Psychoanalytic Association and a member of the IPA Board of Representatives. 

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Please note:
- This webinar will be in English.
- This webinar is only available for current IPA members and candidates