IPA Webinar
Meet your IPA 2021 Presidential Candidates
Sunday 27th January 2019, 16:00 – 17:30 GMT

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The IPA’s first webinar of 2019 will provide members with the opportunity to meet their 2021 presidential candidates. For the first time, we are providing members with the chance to hear from presidential candidates and to pose questions to them directly, before voting starts on the 15th March.  

During this webinar, each 2021 presidential candidate will be given a ten-minute slot to present their ideas to the audience. During the presentations, the audience will be able to submit their questions to our webinar moderator, who will choose selected questions to ask to both presidential candidate teams. 

Your presidential candidates are:

  • Howard Levine (APsaA; for President-Elect) and Kerry Kelly Novick (Contemporary Freudian Society; for Vice-President-Elect)

  • Harriet Wolfe (APsaA; for President-Elect) and Adriana Prengler (North-western Psychoanalytic Society; for Vice-President-Elect)


Our aim for this webinar is to help our members to feel better informed when voting for the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect that they wish to lead the IPA from 2021 onwards. 

If you are unable to attend the live session but would like to receive a recording, please continue to register and the recording will automatically be emailed to you. 

Howard Levine is a member of the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East (PINE) and the Contemporary Freudian Society. He is a former member of the IPA Board, current member of the editorial board of the IJP and Psychoanalytic Inquiry, and is in private practise in Brookline, Massachusetts. He has authored many articles, book chapters, and reviews on psychoanalytic process and technique, intersubjectivity and the treatment of primitive personality disorders. His edited and co-edited books include: Adult Analysis and Childhood Sexual Abuse (Analytic Press 1990), Growth and Turbulence in the Container / Contained (Routledge, 2013), Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning (Karnac, 2013), On Freud’s Screen Memories (Karnac, 2014), The Wilfried Bion Tradition (Karnac, 2016), Bion in Brazil (Karnac, 2017), Engaging Primitive Anxieties of the Emerging Self (Karnac, 2017), and Andre Green Revisited: Representation and the Work of the Negative (Karnac, 2018). He is the editor-in-chief of the newly-created Routledge Wilfried Bion Studies Book Series and is seeking the nomination to run for President of the IPA. 

Kerry Kelly Novick Professional experience: Child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst, working in private practice, hospitals, agencies, and schools. Trained with Anna Freud at the Hampstead Clinic and at the Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS), New York.
Major teaching responsibilities: Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, CFS, and centres in Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, New York, San Diego, and North Carolina. First Lecturer in Psychoanalysis, faculty Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School. 
North American Editor, Journal of Child Psychotherapy (UK) 8 years; Editorial Boards, JAPA and Richard e Piggle. Scientific work widely published in major journals, including over 100 papers, many book chapters, and 5 books. Invited or selected speaker local, national, regional, and international congresses every year.  Regular blog on parenting issues for online newspaper, always identifying myself as a psychoanalyst.
Leadership abilities and governance experience: Executive Council, ACP (UK); Chair of American Psychoanalytic Association’s Committee On Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis; Nationally elected APsaA  Councilor-at-Large, and APsaA’s Executive Committee; President 2002-2004, Association for Child Psychoanalysis; President, non-profit Allen Creek Preschool. 
IPA: Presenter at IPA Congresses since 1971. Chair, Committee On Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis (COCAP). ITT consultant to COCAP and E&O. Languages: I am fluent in English and French, conversant in Spanish (also some Italian and German).

Harriet Wolfe is a North American candidate for the presidency of the IPA. She is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine (UCSF), a Training and Supervising Analyst at the San Francisco Centre for Psychoanalysis (SFCP), and the Immediate Past President of the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA). She is currently a member of the IPA Task Force on Representation, a member of the Advisory Board for the Proposed Interregional Psychoanalytic Outcome Study (MODE) and was a member of the Founding Board of the eJournal, Psychoanalysis Today. Since 1980, she has served in leadership positions within academic psychiatry at Yale University and UCSF and since 1998 as an elected leader within psychoanalysis and an appointed committee chair for training, research and outreach at both SFCP and APsaA. In each organisational role, she has encountered challenges related to change. She has been open to diverse opinions, in a spirit of collaboration, and has been able to facilitate constructive dialogue that resulted in conflict resolution. She supervises psychiatric residents and junior faculty at UCSF, and teaches and supervises psychoanalytic candidates at SFCP. Her scholarly interests include organisational processes, female development, and therapeutic action. She has a private practice of psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and family and couples’ therapy in San Francisco. 

Adriana Prengler is a candidate for Vice-President of the IPA, running alongside Harriet Wolfe, who is a candidate for IPA President. 
Adriana, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was trained in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis in Caracas, Venezuela. She emigrated to the United States in 2010. She is a training and supervising analyst at the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (NPSI) in Seattle and also at the Caracas Psychoanalytic Society (SPC).
She is a faculty member at NPSI, where she leads seminars and conducts case conferences. She also teaches psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Wuhan, in the People’s Republic of China. 
She has a great interest in the study of loss, immigration, identification, mourning and the influence of cultural differences in the psyche.
She has served as Secretary General of FEPAL, Member of the IPA Board as a representative for two periods, member of the Budget and Finance Committee of the IPA for nine years, founding Chair of the IPA Candidates’ Loan Panel and is currently the founding Chair of the IPA Psychoanalysts’ Emigration and Relocation Committee, which gives professional assistance to IPA members and candidates who need to emigrate. She has published on applied psychoanalysis and clinical matters. She maintains a private practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children in Bellevue, Washington.