The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies announces the inaugural 2020 winner for best paper

The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies is delighted to announce the winner of its first annual prize for the best paper submitted and published in 2020: Screen Confessions: the Test Case for Breaking the Silence by Dana Amir and Nehama Ha-Cohen. The paper, which analyses 710 interviews with Israeli soldiers post-deployment, discusses the use of various linguistic techniques that soldiers may use to defensively distance themselves from a full acceptance of what they themselves have done and witnessed during their experience in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Dana Amir is a member of the Israel Psychoanalytic Association

The IJAPS prize of $1000 will be awarded annually to the authors of a paper that a committee of our editors judge to be the best published that year, using the following criteria: originality and creativity in focus and presentation, clarity in the authors' writing, the offering of a genuine contribution to the interdisciplinary literature and the use of rigorous argumentation and methodology. The papers may address any topic in applied psychoanalysis, including applications to the fields of literature and the arts; the social and political sciences, and the humanities, such as philosophy and history. The journal has a particular interest in papers concerning issues of social concern.

Nadia Ramzy PhD, editor in chief of the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies
Marie Rudden MD, associate editor