The IPA is concerned about the increase of violations of human rights in Iran following the recent death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. 
She was arrested by Iran’s Morality Police on September 13th for not wearing the hijab in accordance with Iran's strict dress requirements and she then mysteriously died in custody. 
In the days following her death, young men and women joined together in protest against this most recent assault on Iranian human rights. Hundreds of Iranians have been arrested and dozens have been killed. The number of victims increases every day. 
The IPA expresses solidarity with the Iranian citizens, many of whom are putting their lives at risk.  The IPA calls on the Iranian government to respect universal values and human rights. 
The IPA sees the centrality of the role of women in the family and society. As such, women's well-being is a basic condition for a healthy society. 
The freedoms to think, to speak, and to have ownership of one's own body are critical factors that support human development. As psychoanalysts, we understand the importance of the body in the development of a healthy sense of self and these attacks, by the Morality Police, on women's sense of autonomy and freedom are detrimental to personal health, psychological development, and the healthy functioning of a society.  
We stand in support of Iranian women and all people of Iran struggling for freedom.