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Is creativity dangerous?

29th November 2018

The process of creating artwork isn’t always a smooth one. Desy Safán-Gerard – artist and psychoanalyst – discusses these difficulties, and how a therapist can help to re-establish a dialogue with creative work.


Doing Psychoanalysis in ... Beirut, Lebanon

23rd November 2018

Marie-Thérèse Khair Badawi, founding member of the Lebanese Association for the Development of Psychoanalysis, and a member of the IPA, is interviewed by Angela Mauss-Hanke about the origins and future of psychoanalysis in Lebanon.


Revenge has no Boundaries -
Psychoanalytic Considerations About an all-too-Human Impulse

3rd October 2018

"Revenge is an activity in which justice shall be regained!" Writing for the IPA blog, Angela Mauss-Hanke looks at why we feel revenge and what makes this so dangerous.


Doing Psychoanalysis in... Cape Town: Vincenzo Sinisi

2nd October 2018

In the first of a series exploring what it is like to practise psychoanalysis in different parts of the world, Angela Mauss-Hanke interviews Vincenzo Sinisi, a psychoanalyst, group analyst and clinical psychologist in private practise in Cape Town, South Africa.


Why the Importance of a Committee on Sexual and Gender Diversity Studies in the IPA?

21st September 2018

As with any societal prejudice, bias against individuals based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity negatively affects mental health. Here, Marco Posadas and Diana E Moga discuss the usefulness of psychoanalytic theory and practice in undoing the harm caused by Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and the important work of the IPA's Committee on Sexual and Gender Diversity Studies. 


Reflecting on One Year in Office

31st August 2018

July marked one year in office for the current IPA Administration. Virginia Ungar provides her thoughts on the Association's achievements over the past year. 


Offending and non-offending paedophiles

2 July 2018

Interview with Dr. Cosimo Schinaia


Statement from the IPA President regarding Violence towards Migrant Children

25 June 2018

News in the international media in recent weeks concerning the alarming decision to separate children of migrants from their families in the United States has thrown into sharp relief the heart-breaking abusive situation faced by children both there and in other parts of the world, such as in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa.


Basaglia Law

13 May 2018

Forty years ago: the abolishment of psychiatric hospitals in Italy.


"Freud, or the Interpretation of Dreams"

20 April 2018

A review by Paola Golinelli ( SPI) , Member of the IPA Committee on Culture.


The Capacity to be Alone – “Dance with the Daffodils”

20 March 2018

Minnie Dastur, Senior Training Analyst at the Mumbai Chapter of the Indian Psychoanalytic Society, reflects on the psychoanalytic undertones in William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud”.


The Conundrum of Dependence in Analytic Settings and the Enigmatic Nature of Filial Piety

13 March 2018

Ahead of a keynote speech at the IPA’s Asia-Pacific Conference in May, Vice President of the Taiwan Allied Centre and Secretary General of the Taiwan Study Group, Liling Lin, scrutinises the various aspects of filial piety.


International Women's Day

8 March 2018

On the occasion of 2018’s International Women’s Day, IPA President, Virginia Ungar, reflects on the challenges that women around the world still face and the role that psychoanalysis has in understanding and overcoming them.


Beyond Barriers of Language

1 March 2018

Professor Osamu Kitayama discusses language and psychoanalysis ahead of the IPA's Asia-Pacific Conference in May.


The IPA on Confidentiality

23 February 2018

In the winter of 2017, the Board of the IPA created a Committee on Confidentiality, to examine the use of clinical material, use of distance technology, and other matters. 


Interview with Federico Tiezzi, director of “Freud or the interpretation of dreams” on stage in Milano from 23 January to 11 March 2018

18 January 2018

Maria Grazia Vassallo Torrigiani interviews Director Federico Tiezzi in advance of the play's debut.



8 January 2018

To Three or Not to Three: That is Not the Question. Article written by: David Jachim