All applications must be in English.
All fields require an answer and are mandatory. Failure to complete these fields will cause an error message to appear.

The process
The online application system is a simple 5 stage process. 
1. Logon to the system, confirm or amend your personal details as appropriate, click on ‘My submissions/Make a submission’ and then select the current Research Round from the drop down box – see Fig 1.
2. Select ‘Submit New,’ (red ringed) add a title and then provide responses to the 12 questions in the form. The title and questions 5 and 8 have a character counter to the right of the screen to help you.  AT THIS STAGE SAVE ONLY. Do not click ‘Submit for review’ unless you are satisfied that you do not wish to make changes.
3. Now select a role for yourself – see Fig 2 - and click ‘Save’. We would expect that the submitter is the Principal Investigator. The system allows for only one Principal Investigator. In any event, all communication will be with you as the submitter. You can now select as many co-investigators as you require by clicking the ‘Find Member’ icon ringed in red.  (The search will work with neither or both of the fields completed. Often using less information will produce the result you require.) When you have found the person you wish to add click ‘Continue to Role Selection’ tick the co-investigator box, click ‘Save,’ ringed in blue, then repeat the process until you have added all of your co-investigators. If you have made a mistake you can always remove the person. When you have finished adding co-investigators click ‘Back’ and you will return to point 2 above.
4. Now you can add your full application by clicking on the upload manager icon ‘Upld Mgr’ ringed in blue – see Fig 1 and you can also continue to add/amend your list of co-investigators by clicking on the ‘Participant List’ icon ringed in green. Please note that both of these features will work even if you have submitted your application for review. If you add a new document, please remember to delete the old one so you remain in conformity with the rules.
5. At any time you can log out and login at a later date (before the closure date) and amend your application. If you have inadvertently submitted it for review or wish to make a last minute change (except for uploads or participants as 4 above) please contact ipa@ipa.org.uk and we will unlock it for you. When you are happy with your application, click on the hyperlinked text under ‘Abstract’, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Submit for review.’

1. The “Name of Responsible Authority” must be an institution NOT an individual and the “Authority Name” for the cheque, if an award is made, should also be the bank account name of the institution NOT an individual. Cheques will be sent to the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR made out to the NAMED AUTHORITY.
2. Your full application should be ONE document limited to 10 single-spaced pages, or a Small Grant application which is limited to 5 single-spaced pages; including a brief curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator and any co-investigators, details of the sponsoring institution and the budget. Note: The Committee for the Evaluation of Research Proposals reserves the right to return applications which contain more than this page limit, requesting that they be reduced.

1. Do not repeat the title in the abstract box, do not input blank leading and ending lines/spaces, i.e. start at the top of the box.
2. Do not type ‘Title’ in the title box, or ‘Abstract’ in the abstract box, we will know this.
3. Select a Topic that best describes your application from the drop down list.
4. The Budget Requested in should be in US dollars. Please insert numbers NOT text do not use "$" or "," as this is text.  Use "." NOT “,” for decimal if required. For example a budget of US$9,567 and 56 cents is input as 9567.56
5. Please ensure that any images embedded in your application are suitably reduced for Web/email application. There is a maximum upload size of 10MB.
Fig 1:

Fig 2:

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