IPA Research Committee (RC)

Grant Proposals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Am I eligible to apply for a Grant? Anyone can apply for the full grant as this is available to IPA Members, Candidates and non-members subject to the criteria being met.

Am I eligible to apply for a Grant under the Small Grant scheme?
The small grant scheme is only available to IPA Candidates and recent appointed IPA Members of less than two years duration.

How can I access a Mentor?
If you want to apply for a Grant under the Small Grant Program please contact Dr. Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, M.D. galatzerlevy@gmail.com to discuss selecting a mentor.

How often does the IPA run the Grant application programme?
Currently, the research programme is run once a year..

Is there a different application period for the Small Grant scheme?
The Small Grant scheme and the main research application periods are the same.

Is there a different application form for the Small Grant scheme?
The Small Grant scheme uses the main research application form, the only difference is that, if applying for a Small Grant you tick the appropriate box on page 1 of the application form.

What is the duration of a Grant?
A Grant is awarded for a 12 month period, if your project lasts longer than 12 months you can apply for a competing renewal at any time.

Will I receive my entire budget request?
We are not always able to give the full amount requested due to pressure on the budget. The only technical revision we would make is if the budget contained an element contrary to IPA financial procedures.

Can overheads be charged?
IPA financial procedures do not allow for the funding of overhead or indirect costs or certain kinds of equipment, PCs etc.  However, travel directly relevant to the award, such as to a research training project or to present the findings of the work, is acceptable. Almost anything else is acceptable, but should be outlined in the budget.

My research project will run for more than 12 months?
In this case you need to explain what milestone you will have achieved at the end of the 12 months and demonstrate this in a report. The report can be a published article or just a progress report. The research programme is run, generally, twice a year, if your project lasts longer than 12 months you can apply for a competing renewal.

What reports am I required to submit?
We require two separate reports; one a financial summary detailing how the Grant was spent and how surplus money will be disposed of, if any; and a technical report that will be authorised by the Chair of the IPA Committee for the Evaluation of Research Proposals. The technical report should be capable of being published on the IPA’s website. If there are any restrictions regarding IPA publication please let us know in advance and preferably at the time of application. Acceptance of the Grant entails a commitment to report any publications that may result from it following its termination and to respond to periodic inquiries from the IPA regarding developments that may have grown from the grant.  

What is a “responsible authority”?
A responsible authority is one that is prepared to authorise your work in accordance with IRB or equivalent procedures. 

Can my IPA Society act as a “responsible authority”?
We are seeing a trend toward Societies agreeing to act as the responsible authority. The choice though is entirely yours so long as the authority meets the procedural requirements.

Do I need IRB approval before I apply for a Grant or later, when I receive a Grant? 
It is not necessary prior to application, but if you are successful, we will not be able to give you the Grant until you get one or provide a declaration that the research does not involve human subjects and as such is exempt. The provision of the IRB should be in a reasonable period of time from the date of the award.

What is an IRB approval? 
IRB is an Institutional Review Board and is required in all instances where research involves human subjects.  Applicants are strongly urged to obtain IRB approval from a local University or Institution which does not charge a fee for the review. If you are unable to obtain a local IRB review, you may apply to the IRB at the Washington Psychoanalytic Center. Half of the fee for that review will be deducted from any funds awarded to you, and half will be provided by the IPA. Please note, if you are awarded a grant, the IPA cannot process the payment without either a valid IRB or a declaration that the research does not involve human subjects and as such is exempt.

Should I mention tutors? 
You are strongly recommended to mention any aspect that may help your application.

Can the funds be made payable to me or my tutor? 
Unfortunately no. IPA procedures require that all funds for Research Grants are made out only to an institution such as a University. 

If I feel that my application was turned down unreasonably, is there an Appeals Procedure? The IPA does not have an appeals procedure, the decision of the committee is final.

Academic freedom
: the IPA itself is not responsible for either the content or outcomes of the research work it funds. You will therefore ensure that all publications arising from any grant make clear that any opinions expressed represent only the views of the author(s).  The IPA will accept no responsibility or liability for any conclusions or opinions given in such publications.