The Word. 

Aphorism competition
The 2019 IPA Aphorism Competition invites IPA members and non-members to submit an aphorism that represents the theme of the IPA’s International Congress – “The Feminine”. 

The winning aphorism will be published alongside the author’s name on the IPA website as well as featuring in the London Congress. The winner will receive a prize of $300.

Submission and Eligibility

• The IPA Aphorism Competition is open to IPA members and the general public. 
• Entries must be no longer than four lines long.
• Only one aphorism per entrant can be submitted.
• Aphorisms must be related to the Congress theme – “The Feminine”.
• Aphorisms can be submitted in any language.
• Aphorisms must be the author’s own original work.

All entries should be emailed to by the competition deadline. Late entries will not be considered. Please ensure that you provide your name, IPA society (if applicable) and country of residence with your entry.  

Judging criteria
An initial selection will be made by Maria Ines Nieto  from the Website Editorial Board. This section will then be posted on our IPA Facebook page for an online public vote. The aphorisms selected will be those that best reflect “The Feminine”. In particular, they will be looking for aphorisms that are:

• Original
• Creative
• Thought-provoking
• Inspiring
• Relevant
• Internationally appealing

Selection process
A maximum of around 20 entries will be posted on the IPA Facebook page after an initial selection. These entries will be put to an online vote and the entry with the highest number of votes will be the winner. 

Deadline for entries
8 July 2019