Dear IPA members,

I would like to introduce to you our newly published Encyclopedic Dictionary, which we consider a work in progress, a laboratory in continual evolution, reflecting the evolution of the psychoanalytic concepts and theories. We welcome your constructive comments, in the spirit of the truly inter-regional dimension of this endeavour and of our IPA vision.

The publication now available via our IPA website is the result of years of work and the huge effort so generously given by the three regional working teams. The Encyclopedic Dictionary is intended to broaden the theoretical knowledge of today’s psychoanalysts, beyond their own schools and affiliations, and to provide students of psychology and candidates in psychoanalytic training with an up-to-date and wide-reaching tool that is representative of the development of psychoanalytical thought, as it has grown from Freud to the present day.

We hope you enjoy reading the first set of entries and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Click here to see the list of entries and read our e-book 

Stefano Bolognini

IPA President