IPA Art Discussion Group -  Zoom meeting in conjunction with the IPA Online 2021 Congress

An IPA Art Discussion Group with analysts/artists and colleagues who write about creativity has been in existence since the London IPA Congress. We met for the first time during the London IPA Congress and we are meeting again on Sunday, 1st August, at 6 PM GMT (10:00 AM US and Canada), the very last day of this Congress. We do not expect that you are a practicing artist or write about creativity but that you are interested in the creative process in order to better help your creative patients or yourself. 

Chair, Desy Safán-Gerard will be presenting an individual paper at the IPA Online Congress entitled “Sources of Creative Work” the day before the group meeting, Saturday 31 at 18-19 GMT. The paper presents a 16 week experience with 8 visual artists working collectively in her Venice, CA studio after writing exercises and listening to specific musical excerpts of contemporary music. Related experiences had been used by surrealists artists in the 30s to free up their imaginations. Photos of the artists working at a communal table and photos of the resulting  paintings will be offered to illustrate the artists creativity at work. You must be registered for the Congress to access the meeting.

If you would like to be added to the email list to become an active member of the group, please send your contact information to the Chair, Desy Safán-Gerard, Ph.D. ([email protected]).

Register for your free place for the Sunday 1 August meeting.