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Awards, Prizes and Programmes:

1. Awards and Prizes
2. Recognition for Outstanding Special Service
3. Candidate Loan Panel Procedures

Board and Committees:

4. Role of Board Members
5. Procedures and Principles of Conduct for IPA Board Meetings
6. Functions of the Executive Committee
7. Operating Procedures for IPA Committees

Congresses and Conferences:

8. Biennial Congress Planning 
9. Policy on Conferences


10. Rules Limits and Procedures for IPA Elections
11. Election of the Three Representatives to serve on the Executive Committee
12. Election of Honorary Officers


13. Ethics Code
14. Non Discrimination Policy
15. Statement on Torture


16. Dues
17. Policy on the Disclosure of Financial Information
18. Reserves Policy
19. Policy on IPA Subsidies to Visiting Committees
20. Financial Procedures Budgetary Process
21. Reimbursement of Expenses
22. Financial Procedures: Payments to IPA Members Other than Reimbursement of Expenses

International New Groups and Allied Centres: disponible en español 

23. IPA Procedures on the Development of New Psychoanalytic Groups 
24. Procedures for the assessment of large established groups wishing to become a part of the IPA without first becoming a Study Group (en español)
25. Policy Regarding Study Group Members Payment of Local and IPA Dues 
26. Transition from a Regional Institute to Study Group 
27. Procedures for the Establishment and Maintenance of Centres Allied to the IPA (en Français)

Membership and Training:

28. Equivalency Procedures for Assessing Individual Applicants for IPA Membership
29. Requirements for the Appointment of Training Analysts
30. Requirements for Training in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
31. Requirements for qualification and admission to membership
32. IPA Policy on Remote Analysis in Training and Shuttle Analysis in Training
33. Education and Oversight Procedures
34. Direct Members


35. Travel_Policy
36. Fundraising Policy
37. IPSO Procedures and Policies
38. Privacy Policy
39. Advertising and Listing Policy
40. Managing Conflicts of Interest
41. CAPSA: Resource Document
42. Policy on the Use of the IPA Name (Other Than for Conferences)
43. Affiliated Organisations (Non-Training)