IPA Webinars 2022

Psychoanalytic Emotional Support in times of War (Part II)

The war in Ukraine is not over yet. Over time, the emotional consequences have forced the psychoanalytic community to organise and continue working to lessen the impacts on the community in general. In this webinar, three colleagues immersed in this highly complex context share their institutional, clinical and community experiences with us.


Heribert Blass (Germany)
Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst for Adults, Children and Adolescents, also Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Psychiatry. Member of the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV) and the IPA. President of the European Psychoanalytic Federation (EPF). He works in private practice in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Title: The European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF) and its reaction to the war in Ukraine
After the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, EPF started to organise emotional and financial help for the Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society (UPS) and its affected Ukrainian colleagues. In the contribution, both kinds of assistance are to be explained in more detail. At the same time, it will be shown how important it is not to lose the connection to our Russian colleagues.  

Aleksandra Mirza (Ukraine)
Authorised Training Analyst (UPS, IPA), Child and Adolescent Analyst. President of the Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society. Secretary and Authorized Training Analyst in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Training Program (EPI, CODECAP).

Title: Community and Containing in the War Times.
The Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society (UPS) is a dynamically developing young community. It would be relevant to say it before 02/24/2022. And what's now? A full-scale war, with its total destructiveness, could devastate the LIFE of UPS and its ability to continue scientific life, learn, teach, and develop. But thanks to the mutual emotional and practical support of UPS members and candidates, the cordial and uninterrupted care of our friends, and all possible assistance from the EPF and IPA, this has not happened! I would like to share our experience of surviving and restoring the ability to love and work. 

Anna Kravtsova (Ukraine)
Anna Kravtsova, Dipl.Psychologist, Psychoanalyst (IPA, UPS), Secretary of Ukrainian Psychoanalytical Society (UPS). Member of the Training Committee of UPS, Developmental Director of CF "Early Intervention Institute" (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Title: Mental survival of Ukrainian children-patients and their therapists inside the war.
The war challenged the essential things for the development of the inner world of the child - security, stability and predictability. Psychoanalytic therapies, which in peacetime helped to strengthen these basic things in the inner world of the child, also came under threat and fire.
Children's therapists and their little patients together overcome blows that destroy cities and psyches. What helps psychoanalytic therapists, who are traumatised and under the fire, to give support and containment to the mental storms of young patients and their parents, who are traumatised and under the fire? What (and how!) can psychoanalysis give to children who have lost their homes, relatives, friends, and ideas about the environment and the future?

Harold Kudler (USA)
He is an Associate Consulting Professor at Duke University and Adjunct Professor at the United States Uniformed Services University. He co-led the development of joint U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense Guidelines for the Management of Posttraumatic Stress, advised a Sesame Street series for military families and served as Chief Consultant for Mental Health for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  He is President of the Psychoanalytic Centre of the Carolinas and Co-Chairs the Service Members and Veterans Initiative of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Mariano Ruperthuz