SPI Milano: Psychoanalysis and the Internet Era

SPI Milano: Psychoanalysis and the Internet Era
The individual, identity and treatment within the limitless connections and narcissistic withdrawal
Psychoanalysis and the Internet era: The individual, identity and treatment  within the limitless connections and  narcissistic withdrawal

Saturday 14 April 2018 - Spazio Oberdan - V.le Vittorio Veneto 2, Milan

The internet has been changing our way of relating to others, including the way we have been building our sense of self and identity. It is absolutely essential that psychoanalysis begins to question these new subjective experiences as well as their relationship to psychoanalytical treatment in the present world.


9.00 Registration

9.30 Introduction
CRISTINA SAOTTINI, SPI Psychoanalyst, Scientific Secretary, Milan Psychoanalytical Centre

9.45 Her and the Other: Preface to Internet and Identity
       Video edited by Niccolò Marzi

10.30 GIUSEPPE PELLIZZARI, SPI Psychoanalyst, Milan Psychoanalytical Centre 
      Psycho-server: new frontiers of the imagination

11.15 Coffe break

11.45 ANDREA MARZI, SPI Psychoanalyst, Florence Psychoanalytical Centre
            U turn in cyberspace: coming back to psychoanalysis

12.30 Plenary session

13.00 Lunch Break

14.20 Afternoon
Chair MARIO PERINI, SPI Psychoanalyst, Turin Psychoanalytical Centre

14.30 LUIGI CAPARROTTA, Psychoanalyst, British Psychoanalytical Society
Considerations on ethics, digital technology and psychoanalysis

15.15 GIUSEPPE FIORENTINI, SPI Psychoanalyst, Milan Psychoanalytical Centre
The digital setting

16.00 16.30 Conclusions
RONNY JAFFÈ, SPI Psychoanalyst, President Milan Psychoanalytical Centre 

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14/04/2018 - 14/04/2018
Milan, Italy