Migrant minds, adolescent minds

Migrant minds,  adolescent minds
Between eradications and radicalisations

 * Image by William Kentridge, Migrants and Prisoners 2015 1 

Migrant minds, Adolescent minds 
Between eradications and radicalisations 

Florence – Saturday 3 February 2018 
Educatorio del Fuligno 
Via Faenza 48, Florence, Italy 



Opening of Conference: Anna Nicolò 
President of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society 
Introduction: Lorena Preta 
Coordinator of Geographies of Psychoanalysis 
Virginia De Micco: 
Transitions, Transformations, Migrations: progressing on margins 
Jalil Bennani: 
The test of exile for the adolescent 
Discussion 2 

Introduction and coordination: 
Dana Scotto di Fasano 
Denis Hirsch: 
Hostage-taking of the adolescent Self in the religious radicalisation: 
Alienating identification, identity uprooting, melancholization in the culture 
Clelia De Vita (with Riccardo Chiarelli, Ludovica Grassi, Rosa Spagnolo): 
The ability of the analyst to migrate: identity and internal setting 
Round Table 
Coordinated by: Alfredo Lombardozzi 
Participants: Jalil Bennani, Fabio Castriota, Denis Hirsch, Anna Migotto and Stefania Miretti (with readings from the book: 
Non aspettarmi vivo. La banalità dell’orrore nelle voci dei ragazzi jihadisti) 
Conclusion: Massimo Vigna-Taglianti 
Scientific Secretary of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society 
Educatorio del Fuligno Florence ITALY