Thinking on the Border

Thinking on the Border

Conference: Thinking On the Border

Organised for the first time by twelve psychoanalytic societies from nine neighbouring countries
Conference date: 1 - 4 June 2017
Conference venue:
Hotel 88 Rooms, Belgrade, Serbia
Organisers: The Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia, together with eleven psychoanalytic societies from eight countries in the region - Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

The main speakers:

First plenary – keynote speaker Jorge Canestri, discussant Gianina Micu
Second plenary – keynote speaker Alexander Uskov, discussant Giovanna Ambrosio
Third plenary – keynote speaker Jonathan Sklar, discussant Christine Diercks

Conference information:

We would like to thank the Programme Committee:
Atanassov Nikola (Bulgarian Psychoanalytical Society, Study Group), Stanislav Matacic (Croatian Psychoanalytic Society), Athanassios Alexandridis (Hellenic Pycho-Analytical Society), Zsuzsa Lorincz (Hungarian Pychoanalytical Society), Zehra Ünsal (Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association), Gulgun Alptekin (Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association for Training, Research and Development – PSIKE), Jacqueline Amati Mehler (Italian Psychoanalytical Association), Tiziana Bastianini (Italian Psychoanalytical Society), Jasminka Šuljagic, chair (Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia), Gianina Micu (Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis), Fritz Lackinger (Vienna Psychoanalytic Association), Christine Diercks (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society) 

01/06/2017 - 04/06/2017
Belgrade, Serbia