Metaphorical processes and metaphors can acquire an important significance in the psychoanalytic experience, becoming real keys to access to the patient's unconscious problematic. Different thinkers of psychoanalysis have given metaphor a central value both in metapsychological constructions and in psychoanalytic communication.

In psychoanalytic communication the use of metaphors, both of the patient and the analyst or co-constructed by both, allows us to infer unconscious meanings, resulting in useful interpretative tools insofar as they enable the establishment of bridges between verbal, corporal and emotional experience.

This international activity, continuing the line of work begun at the conference "Many faces of clinical research", held in San Pablo in October 2016, aims that some working groups on clinical material of the International Psychoanalytical Association (Comparative Clinical Method, Clinical Observation of Transformations (3-LM) and Specificity), using their own method, focus on answering, for the same case, the following question: In what dimension do metaphors that appear in clinical material indicate changes or transformations in the analytical process and in the patient?

The resulting reports will then be discussed by all participants. This will allow us to experience the different psychoanalytic tools that have been developed by different working groups.

The expectation is that the participants complete the conference with a deep knowledge of how to apply each of these methodologies to analyze the clinical materials and to apprehend the possibilities that each method offers.

The following colleagues will take part: Liana Pinto Chaves (San Pablo), Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick-Hanly (Toronto), William Glover (San Francisco), Ana María Rizzuto (Boston), Elizabeth Lima da Rocha Barros (San Pablo), Bernard Reith (Switzerland), Bruno Salesio (Pelotas), Beatriz de León de Bernardi (Uruguay), Ricardo Bernardi (Uruguay), among others.

Organized by IPA Clinical Research Sub-Committee in collaboration with the Committee of Clinical Observation and Testing of Hypotheses of the International Psychoanalytic Association -API, jointly with the Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association.

Cost and registration for foreings

Untill August 30, 2017: U$S 70. From September 1, 2017: U$S 80.

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20/10/2017 - 21/10/2017
University Postgraduate Inst. of Psychoanalysis
Montevideo, Uruguay