Family and Couple Conference

Family and Couple Conference
“Settings and Modalities in Family and Couple Treatment”


For four days February 1-4, 2018, the IPA’s Committee on Family and Couple Psychoanalysis is planning a conference on psychoanalytic family and couple therapy, to be held near Washington, DC, and co-sponsored by the International Psychotherapy Institute. 

In this conference, we will explore variations in arrangements for therapy, such as combined individual and couple or family treatments, arrangements of the setting with families of adolescents or young children, other concurrent family and couple interventions, mother-infant therapy, home settings for therapy, or therapy for conditions such as psychosis or addiction. We will have a variety of presentations – papers, case presentations and discussions, with a focus on clinical cases and vignettes. The conference is jointly organized by the IPA’s Committee on Family and Couple Psychoanalysis and the International Psychotherapy Institute of Washington, DC.

We invite submissions from faculty, candidates, students and colleagues for consideration for presentation, as well as volunteers of colleagues willing to act as discussants. If you wish to submit a presentation but are unsure about whether it is appropriate, we invite you to write us and we would be glad to discuss it with you. Selection for presentation will require registration for the full conference.

Write to 

David Scharff, MD
Chair, IPA Committee on Family and Couple Psychoanalysis



For more information on the work of the Committee on Family and Couple Psychoanalysis, read the Karnac Books blog post: Clinical Dialogues on Psychoanalysis with Families and Couples, by David Scharff and Monica Vorchheimer
01/02/2018 - 04/02/2018
Washington DC, United States