100 years of the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society Symposium

100 years of the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society Symposium
The Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis in light of history: Gradiva in Clio’s mirror

The hundredth anniversary of our society is a reason for celebration. One-hundred years justifies the opportunity to look back in history, to share memories and to look back at traditions. Our speakers will be persons who have forged our history and are still doing so.

This symposium will encompass two main themes: The limit and the legacy. Freud as the founding father and guarantor of the beginning of the psychoanalytical movement offered a historical account which was in accordance with the resulting practice. His goal was the establishment and defence of a new science. 

From the very beginning and its first account psychoanalysis maintained a special relationship regarding its own past as well as its future. This was done by means of archives, written and verbal vestiges (lots of correspondence) . Often its history was written from the inside, from the psychoanalysts themselves. It resembled a reverberation of the specific spot in history which was the heart of the psychoanalytic theory both in research and in clinical practice. 

We had invited psychoanalists and historians to enable and exchange between a wide dimension of thinking an specific development of psychoanalysis in Switzerland. All the arguments of both main speakers will be discussed and evaluated by Swiss and other European specialists at a round table. 

We look forward to your participation in this dialogue.


9/20/2019 - 9/22/2019