23rd International Group Relations Conference

23rd International Group Relations Conference

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Crisis of institutional containers and identity despair
As the previous edition of ALI, the 23rd Italian group relation conference sponsored by IL NODO group will take place in Grado in the gulf of Trieste. The dates of ALI 2020 are in March 2020: from Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th. The conference is designed as a residential workshop
in which the learning is experiential. No lectures, nor round tables: groups and inter-group dynamics, rather; brainstorming, informal discussions and pilpul.

ALI is an acronym that means Authority, Leadership and Innovation: three words that have always confirmed to be inescapable indicators of a network of intertwined, tightly knotted problems. The title of this edition comes from the themes emerged in the previous editions.

ALI 2019 was the first of a series of conferences focused on the processes that have been shaping culture and history for a very long time. Exactly one century ago, the first world war was over and the peace process divided the world that had emerged from the collapse of the political
containers of the XIX century, into the new series of containers that characterized the XX century.
No more empires, but states and federations of states - that are now in crisis and weaken themselves reciprocally.

The turning point of the present cultures has been determined by many related phenomena: the ultraliberalism, the crisis of communism, the super-consumerism and the liquefaction of traditional containers that guaranteed social stability, and the so-called ‘globalization’.
Far from opening a phase of unlimited liberation, the post-modern horizon is an era of new problems difficult to be solved and even difficult to be thought of. The reaction to the sudden enlargement of borders has certainly brought about new opportunities but also a deep and new malaise and discomfort – Unbehagen was Freud’s word - that are producing new problems and new conflicts: nationalisms, suprematisms and sovreigneisms. Political manipulations of an old and brand new identity and despair as a consequence of traditional containers crisis.

At the core of human life there are some paradoxes that cannot be solved in a quick way. The very illusion of getting rid of these paradoxes is one of the reasons of the present crisis. Among these, the conference will focus on the relationship established between the awareness of being subject to the authority of something or someone and the work that must be done to free oneself from external and internal limits and become subjects.

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Giovanni Foresti, Director
Yossi Triest, Associate Director
3/26/2020 - 3/29/2020
Grand Hotel Astoria Gorizia ITALY