IN-Humanity- Aggression, hate and violence in the contemporary reality

ITALIAN PSYCHOANALYTIC SOCIETY ( SPI) Centro Psicoanalitico Bologna  Il Lettino e la Piazza 2018



The Psychoanalytic Center of Bologna “Glauco Carloni-Egon Molinari” and the City Library “Salaborsa” started to collaborate some years ago through an initiative called “IL LETTINO E LA PIAZZA” (the couch and the city square), that offers meetings among psychoanalysts, intellectuals and civil society representatives to reflect and open a dialogue about themes of cultural and social relevance in the present days, confronting the issues along different points of view.

Salaborsa is an important institution in the city of Bologna, the center of its cultural life and the main City Public Library, a lively location of cultural and educational promotion, where many important initiatives toward teenagers and children taks place.

Past editions have involved several italian cultural representatives  (i.e. Lidia  Ravera, Chiara Saraceno, Umberto Curi,  Vito Mancuso, Andrea Segre) and have been very successful among the general public and not only social and mental health professionals.

In 2018  IL LETTINO E LA PIAZZA is at its Fifth edition, and it will discuss the theme:

IN-Humanity- Aggression, hate and violence in the contemporary reality.

In the present reality the uncanny sensation of an increase of the violent expressions, or a more intense aggression of the single person or a group in human relationships is very common. Yet the whole human development has been characterized by the abuse of power; is our age more violent than the others, or is it just a change in the expressions, along with an increased opportunity due to the web, a virtual place unknown and unthinkable just little time ago, and often now a vehicle of powerful and widespread expressions of violence and hate?

Aggression, hate, violence are words that identify different phenomena and different conditions of the aggressive disposal, meaning with the latter the final moment, the behaviour, while with aggression and hate we refer to the subjective experiential components of this explosive mixture, that could end in the expression of violence.


 20 gennaio 2018

Tempi Efferati                - Heinous Times

Guido Rampoldi   La violenza come scelta razionale - Violence as a rational choice

Irene Ruggiero   Le radici affettive della distruttività - The affective root of destructiveness

Chair  Franco D’alberton


17 febbraio 2018

Haters- l’odio corre in rete - Haters, hate in the web

Giovanni Foresti   Odio e colpa nell’età del virtuale  - Hate and guilt in the virtual era

Chiara Lalli   Odiatori, narcisisti e mitomani - Haters, narcissists and mythomaniacs

Chair Roberto Verlato


10 marzo 2018

Narrazioni cruente- Bloody Tales

Carlo Lucarelli   Perche’ siamo così cattivi (noi giallisti)?- Why are we so bad (the crime story writers) ?

Mario Vittorangeli   Racconto della violenza e violenza del racconto - Narration of violence and violence of narration.

Chair Francesco Di Domenico





17/02/2018 - 10/03/2018
Bologna, Italy