Winnicott: A Present for the Future

Winnicott: A Present for the Future

The Winnicott Trust is organizing a two-day virtual conference on Zoom to commemorate 50 years since the death of DW Winnicott that will take place September 25-26, 2021.
We would like to invite you to attend our conference. The conference was originally planned to be in-person in January 2021, which was the 50th anniversary of his death, but we had to postpone it to September due to the pandemic.

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The 50th anniversary of Winnicott’s death is a vantage point from which we can reflect upon his work and consider its place in today’s world. Our special online conference this year provides an opportunity to bring together people from across the world to share their interest in, and appreciation of, Winnicott’s ideas.
The program of plenary lectures, parallel workshops and poster presentations reflects the rich depth and breadth of application of Winnicott’s ideas today. There are contributions from a wide variety of fields: from models of human development and mental health, to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, as well as education, social welfare, and the study of cultural and political processes.

We hope that in bringing these ideas, practices and people together, with many opportunities for interaction and discussion, we can offer you a chance to share in Winnicott’s Present for the Future.
The main programme will comprise four panels and presentations taking place on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Speakers and chairs will include:

Jan Abram (UK)
Chris Brogan (UK)
Gabrielle Brown (UK)
Lesley Caldwell (UK)
Tessa Dalley (UK)
Renee Danziger (UK)
Michaela Edwards (UK)
Dodi Goldman (USA)
Thanassis Hatzopoulos (Greece)
Helen Johnston (UK)
Angela Joyce (UK)
Brett Kahr (UK)
Joel Kanter (USA)
Roger Kennedy (UK)
Maia Kirchkheli (UK)
Gonzalo Lopez (Chile)
Deborah Luepnitz (USA)
Ruth McCall (UK)
Marianne Parsons (UK)
Michal Rieck (Israel)
Ken Robinson (UK)
Poul Rohleder (U.K.)
Rodrigo Roja (Chile)
Richard Rollinson (UK)
Dominique Scarfone (Canada)
Jonathan Sklar (UK)
Francisco Somarriva (Chile)
Adrian Sutton (UK)
Naohiko Tachi (Japan)
Mike Tait (UK)
Lilian Tuane (Chile)
Elizabeth Wolf (UK)
9/25/2021 - 9/26/2021