The theme of the second IPA Asia Pacific Conference On dependence will be explored in its psychoanalytical, cultural, social and anthropological aspects. 
The philosophy of the conference is to foster dialogue between the different IPA Societies and Groups in the Asia-Pacific Region and between the Asian and Western colleagues. The Programme committee is working to create sessions that encourage dialogue in keynote sessions, panels, clinical workshops and experiential groups to promote new growth in thinking and thereby assist the exciting development of psychoanalysis in the Region.  

The Conference will start in the morning with Keynote speakers which will focus on two main papers on the Conference theme; this presentation will be followed by a discussion paper. Two Keynote speakers are planned for each day and will be given by colleagues representing the six Societies, Study Groups and IPA training of the Asia-Pacific region. The discussants will represent each IPA Region. 

The afternoon Conference activities will include:

  • Panels with two/three presenters and a discussant, again with the emphasis on two/three voices dialogues between East and West. 
  • Being together in Tokyo will offer a space for mutual exchange of impressions, observations and thoughts on the daily congress experiences, thus enabling a more personal acquaintance between the members of different Asian-Pacific psychoanalytic groups and IPA members from other regions. 
  • Child workshop in dependency and loss 
  • Small clinical discussion groups following the spirit of this Congress: bringing together colleagues form different countries and cultures to exchange ideas about what we do with our patients, in other words, allowing discussion about how we work in different cultural contexts, sharing similarities and understanding differences to enrich our psychoanalytic understanding. These groups are not supervisions but an opportunity to share our perspectives and learn from each other. We are very grateful to our colleagues who will present their cases or clinical material which will enable us to start sharing thoughts. 
  • Balint Group Workshop. This is a two-hour experiential workshop for a maximum of 30 participants. Suitable for clinicians whether or not they have previous Balint experience. Participants are required to commit to attending the entire workshop, thus providing a continuity of experience for each other. All participants should be in clinical contact with patients and be willing to present a case. The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to the Balint model, followed by an opportunity for the group to work with a case or narrative offered by a member of the group. There will be an experience of the group working with dilemma presented. Of particular note, no special preparation is required for the case presentation and participants will be asked to present the case briefly, informally and without notes. Slips of memory and the tongue are seen as part of the work of the group in understanding the material. The best way to understand the relevance of a Balint group to your clinical work is to experience one.


    On the occasion of the second IPA Asia-Pacific Conference taking place in Tokyo and following the “Being Together in Taipei” groups that were very successful during the IPA Asia Pacific conference in 2017, we want to bring together members from six Asian-Pacific psychoanalytic groups and probably from even more different countries all over the world. Beside listening and discussing within the scientific program this means essentially having a meeting of people from different societies and cultures, who shared different aspects of history. By this everyone has his individual images and prejudices from colleagues from other countries. The organizing committee therefore wants to offer a frame for mutual exchange of impressions, observations and thoughts on the daily congress experiences, thus enabling a more personal acquaintance between the members of different Asian-Pacific psychoanalytic groups and IPA members from other regions. This might help to transform foreigners into colleagues, whom we know better. The good results of such groups on the occasion of other international congresses support our task.

    Organization of the groups

    Groups and their leaders
    We will offer up to five groups that are lead jointly by members of two different Asian Pacific groups. Due to problems of translation we only can have small groups of about 12 people.


    The groups will take place twice on Thursday 3th May and Friday 4th May.


    The rooms will be announced at the congress programme.


    Please register online from January 2018

    Once registered your participation on all group sessions should be compulsory to have a stable group. All applications will be distributed to the groups following the access date.

Tokyo Programme Committee

Teresa Pai (Chair)  IPA Direct Member / Taiwan Psychoanalytic Society
Julie Meadows Australia Psychoanalytic Society
Tong Jun   IPA Direct Member, Wuhan
Minnie Dastur  Indian Psychoanalytic Society
Kunihiro Matsuki  Japan Psychoanalytic Society
Hongsuk Jang  IPA Direct Member / Korean Psychoanalytic SG
Nobuaki Eto  IPSO Rep / Institute of Japan Psychoanalytic Society
Clara Nemas  IPA APPC member
Sergio Nick  Ex-officio
Karina Gutierrez  Ex-officio