We are delighted to announce that registration for the IPA 2017 Congress is open.  Click on the register button to register online.  


Ticket Prices

Prices for online booking after $50 online discount are shown below

Prices are shown in US $.


Pre-congress registration (1)







Full Congress including opening reception

Early bird





$ 699

$ 875


Discounted Members (2)

$ 489

$ 615



$ 455

$ 569


IPSO Candidates (3)

$ 199

$ 249


Non - Members

$ 875



Other Rates




Day Rate including IPSO day (4)

$ 279

$ 349

$ 419

Opening Ceremony Additional ticket

$ 105


$ 159

Gala Dinner (per person) (5) $ 125  $ 125 $ 125 
CME Continuing Medical Education $ 30   $ 30 $ 30

Cancellation fee

$ 50



Registrations and payments which are not made online will not receive the $50 discount, and the price will therefore be $50 higher
 than shown here.


(1) All Working groups and Working parties Pre-congress will require a ticket, buying a ticket for the Congress is a pre-requisite for being able to register in the pre-Congress.
(2) Members at dues-discounted Societies pay the lower rate: Argentina, Asuncion, Venezuela, Hungary, India, Uruguay, Belgrade, Poland, Romania, Serbia
(3) IPSO Candidate ticket is only available to IPSO candidates who are registered on the IPA database as candidates paying IPSO dues before 31 December 2016
(4) The day rate for Wednesday includes the opening ceremony, the other day tickets do not.  The IPSO day on Tuesday also includes a lunch for IPSO members only. We reserve the right to cancel lunch orders where the person is not an IPSO member.
(5) The Gala Dinner at Esquina Carlos Gardel, Carlos Gardel 3200, Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires on Saturday 29 July will feature a welcome drink, 3-course dinner with wine, tango show and dancing.

Terms and Conditions

All dates start at 00:00 UTC+1/GMT+1 and end at 23:59 UTC+1/GMT+1

The IPA takes an inclusive approach to its Congress, so that non-Members are generally welcome to attend. However, the IPA reserves the right to limit attendance at any session for safety, professional, confidentiality or organisational reasons. Present plans are to limit attendance to IPA Members only at the IPA’s Business Meeting and a small number of other sessions which will be clearly indicated. 

Any confidential material must be anonymised in such a comprehensive way that if a patient was reading about themselves in a paper, or listening to a recording of the presentation or discussion, they would not be able to identify themselves. It should not be assumed that because, for example, this Congress is taking place on another continent that a patient’s confidentiality is somehow of less fundamental importance. In purchasing a ticket for this Congress you are agreeing to keep confidential any such material that you see or hear; further should you inadvertently identify, directly or indirectly, a patient’s name that you undertake not to break the obligation you have implicitly given in respect to that patient’s confidentiality. You will also be asked to reconfirm this in any clinical session.

If you attend a session in which clinical material is being presented and discussed and you think you recognise the identity of the patient, you should protect the patient’s confidentiality by quietly leaving the remainder of that session.

Special care must be taken to avoid conversations about clinical material in any public place. Emails and internet postings involving clinical material should be absolutely avoided.

Attendance at the meeting is dependent upon your agreement to maintain confidentiality.

The IPA will disseminate the papers presented at the Buenos Aires Congress via an online repository that, until the Congress is over, will only be accessible by individuals who have purchased a ticket for the Congress (afterwards it will be freely available to all). For this reason, the IPA asks you to grant the IPA a non-exclusive licence to publish your paper on the IPA website and in other IPA publications, and to enable the IPA to grant a licence to journals to publish it in any language. As the licence you grant to the IPA will be non-exclusive, you will retain the ownership of the copyright and the right to use your paper as you think fit. Authors will be asked to inform the IPA if a paper contains clinical confidential material that should not be published. When you send in an Individual Paper online you will have the opportunity to mark it as ‘Clinical Material’. Such papers will not, if accepted, be uploaded to the IPA Congress website.


Notice of cancellation must be in writing.

The amount refunded will depend on the date when the cancellation is received by the IPA: 

If notice is received by 3 May 2017, the IPA will refund the registration fees or registration deposits paid less an administration charge of $50 per registration.
If notice is received from 3 May 2017 to 30 June 2017, the IPA will refund the registration fees or registration deposits paid less an administration charge of $100 per registration.
If notice is received after 30 June 2017 no refunds of registration fees or registration deposits will be made for any cancellation.
If you have already purchased a ticket and wish to upgrade it (ie, to a ticket costing a higher amount or for additional days) you must cancel your original ticket but you will not be charged a cancellation fee for making this change.

If you wish to downgrade your ticket (ie, to a ticket costing a lower amount or for fewer days) you must cancel your original ticket and you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee for doing so, related to the date on which you give us notice (see above).

The IPA is not responsible for the safety of any transportation or facility, or for any personal injuries or illness, or losses or damage to the property of Congress participants or those accompanying them, whether arising before, during or after the Congress, and whether related to professional, organisational or social events, tours or meetings. The IPA strongly recommends that you carry appropriate insurance for medical, injury, travel, baggage and other property, cancellation (however caused) and other risks.

The IPA reserves the right to decline to register any individual, without further explanation. Participants who, in the opinion of the IPA, behave inappropriately will be required to leave the Congress premises immediately, their Congress registration will be cancelled and their registration fee will be forfeited. Access to any other Congress-related activities (such as the Gala Dinner) may also be denied, although any payments received for those will be refunded minus $50 administration fee in each instance.

Congress registration and tickets (other than Gala Dinner tickets) are strictly personal to the individual who purchased them and are non-transferable under any circumstances. Anybody who transfers an identity badge to another person will have their badge withdrawn and their registration cancelled without refund.

IPA members who are at the same time Candidates or students of any discipline at an institute, university or other college of learning, and who wish to register for the Congress, will be charged the registration fee at the Member’s rate.

A psychoanalytic Candidate (ie, someone enrolled at an IPA-approved Training Institute) will be charged the appropriate Candidate rate. The ‘IPA Candidate’ rate is only available to those classified on the IPA’s database as such. 

The ‘IPSO Candidate’ rate is only available to those who have been classified as such prior to 31 December 2016 on IPSO’s database.

We will be making some short films at the Buenos Aires Congress so that Members and others unable to participate can see what it was like. The film will be posted on the IPA's website and may also be shown at other psychoanalytic conferences and elsewhere. Filming will not take place in sessions classed as confidential, but may be at any other time including in lobbies, corridors and in the vicinity of the hotels and Congress meeting rooms and sessions.

If you do not wish to be filmed please write to by 20 July 2017.

Otherwise, unless prior written consent has been obtained from the IPA Vice President which explicitly permits filming and/or photography, filming and/or photography are not permitted in any Congress session or in any Congress venue including the lobbies, corridors and in the vicinity of the hotels and Congress meeting rooms and sessions. Any person who films and/or photographs without prior written consent will be removed from the Congress and their Registration will be cancelled and no refund will be offered for any part of the Registration fee paid.

The International Psychoanalytical Association (“IPA”) is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee (number 3496765), and a charity at Lexicon, Unit B, Book House, 261a City Road, London EC1V 1AH (number 1071752).