Boston Groups are now CLOSED


Boston Groups are  a new initiative created to discuss the key note papers online prior to the congress. The Groups are open to IPA Members, IPA Candidates, and non-members who are intending to register for the full Congress. Participants may join a Boston Group free of charge.

Individuals who sign-up for a Boston Group are asked to agree to Terms and Conditions and the community participation guidelines, particularly the section on moderation.

You can communicate with your Group members by using the functions available in the Boston Groups blog.

A complete overview of these functions (eg. how to post a comment, download the keynote papers, etc) is available in the Boston Group Guidelines.  When you access your Group online, you will see that the keynote papers have already been uploaded in the Resource Library. To get started and download the keynote papers, click on the paper you wish to read and then click on the ‘Download’ button in the menu bar.

This is an online discussion group and is already set up for you to start reading and discussing the papers between yourselves.

To access your Boston Group
Once you have joined, just follow these steps:

1. Log in to the IPA website  (if you forgot your login details contact )
2. Go to 'Members'
3. Click on 'My IPA'
4. Go to 'Communities'
5. Click on 'Boston Group

In Boston
During the Boston Congress, members of the online Boston Groups are expected to meet and participate with their own Group and, to facilitate this, each Group will be allocated a room for their exclusive use on each day of the Congress in the session scheduled immediately following the Keynote presentations.

The Boston Groups will be moderated and run in English and with English as a second-language, where we will rely on the support of Group participants to help each other with language barriers.