Northeast Coast Tour (Chiufen & Chinkuashih) Half Day (pm)

The name of the once-isolated village of Chiufen means ‘nine portions’, because in the days when it used to house just nine families, each time shipments arrived from town, ‘nine portions’ of each object would be requested. Later, in the 19th century gold rush, over 4,000 prospectors’ families came to the village. It became the golden city of Asia and was called little Shanghai or little Hong Kong. The main shopping district is Chiufen Old Street, which passes through most of the village.

Tour Stops 

Pick-up: 1-2 pm (at hotel lobby) 1. Pitouchiao view 2. Nanya Rock Formations 3. Bay of Two Colors 4. Chinkuashih Village (pass by in bus) 5. Chiufen Village

Includes*Air conditioned van/bus *Tour guide (English) *Insurance for each passenger

Jinsan & Danshui Coast Tour (Full Day)

Ju Ming is a Taiwanese sculptor who became famous in Taiwan in the 1970s, and in New York in 1983. Apprenticed to Lee Chin-Chuan as a teenager, he first developed his skills as a woodcarver, and then applied them to a range of media including bronze, Styrofoam, ceramics and stainless steel. From 1980 onwards, Ju began to exhibit abroad, gaining international acclaim. He started to make the Living World ‘family’, which he still continues to expand. These bright figures are made of bronze, stainless steel, painted wood, foam rubber and cast bronze, and depict the human form in all its variety. He also continues to work on the Living World ‘series’, depicting figures drawn from a modern, westernized society. Much of Ju Ming's work is housed at the Ju Ming Museum, just outside Taipei. The museum was built at the artist's expense, and is open to the public. He was awarded the 18th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2007. Danshui is a seaside district of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan. It is named after the Tamsui River and its name means ‘fresh water’. The town is popular as a site for viewing the sun setting into the Taiwan Strait.

Tour Stops 

Pick-up: 8-9 am (at hotel lobby) 1. Ju Ming Museum (closed Mondays) 2. Teresa Teng's Garden 3. Jinsan Old Street 4. Fisher Wharf 5. Ferry to Old Street 6. Danshui Old Street

Includes *Air conditioned van/bus *Tour guide (English) *All entrance fees *Insurance for each passenger

Taipei City Tour – Half Day (am)

The National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of priceless Chinese art treasures, spanning China's almost 5,000 year history. Most of the museum's 620,000 art objects were part of the Chinese imperial collection, which began over 1,000 years ago in the early Song dynasty. The Martyrs' Shrine, resting on the slopes of the Qing Mountain and overlooking the Keelung River, is located right next to the Grand Hotel. It was built in 1969 and its grand architectural style is similar to that of the Taihe Dian Imperial Palace in Beijing, Mainland China, symbolizing the martyrs' brave spirit. The military police officers who guard the main gate have been rigidly trained to stand like expressionless statues. Tourists delight in this display of composure and flock to see the ceremonial changing of the guards.Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is located in the heart of Taipei City. The area is 250,000 square meters and it is the most-visited attraction by foreign tourists. Outside the gate of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the architecture of which is inspired by Tiantan in Beijing, there are poles carrying the sign of true rightness. The four sides of the structure are similar to those of the pyramids in Egypt. The material is white marble. The roofs are decorated with deep-blue glass to reflect blue sky and bright sun. The garden is planted with red flowers. Together, the colors of blue, white and red express the National Flag and the spirit of freedom, equality and brotherhood. This great building has become a landmark of Taipei City, and is framed to the north and south by the National Theatre and National Concert Hall.

Tour Stops 

Pick-up: 8-9 am (at hotel lobby) 1. National Palace Museum 2. Martyrs’ Shrine 3. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 4. Presidential Square (pass by in bus) 5. Handicraft Centre

Includes: *Air conditioned van/bus *Tour guide (English) *Tickets for National Palace Museum *Insurance for each passenger