Section A
. Qualifications for Individual IPA Membership. IPA Members are those individual psychoanalysts who meet and comply with applicable IPA Criteria and either:

(1) are members (Full or Associate) of a Component Society or Provisional Society or the Regional Association, provided that the Constituent Organisation maintains IPA Criteria for the qualification of psychoanalysts and admission and supervision of its members, or

(2) are found by the Board to meet IPA Criteria for IPA Direct Membership.

Section B. IPA Direct Membership. Under special circumstances or where no Constituent Organisation exits, the Board in its discretion may, by a two thirds vote of its Entire Voting Membership, accept as an IPA Direct Member any psychoanalyst with adequate training and experience who meets all IPA Criteria for IPA Direct Membership. Those approved by the Board as Direct Members will be announced at the next Business Meeting. IPA Direct Membership terminates when the IPA Member becomes a Full or Associate member of a Component or Provisional Society or the Regional Association.

Section C. Relocation of an IPA Member. An IPA Member who is not an IPA Direct Member and relocates may remain an IPA Member by

(1) retaining membership in a Constituent Organisation, if permitted by the Constituent Organisation’s membership criteria;

(2) achieving membership in another Constituent Organisation; or

(3) being accepted by the IPA as an IPA Direct Member.

Section D. Dual Membership. A psychoanalyst with membership in more than one Constituent Organisation must so inform the IPA’s Vice President in writing and will be deemed a Dual Member. A Dual Member pays IPA dues only through one Constituent Organisation, which shall be located where the IPA Member practises psychoanalysis, unless the Board directs otherwise.

Section E. Termination of IPA Membership.

(1) Loss of Constituent Organisation membership. An IPA Member who is not an IPA Direct Member ceases to be an IPA Member when that person ceases to qualify as a member of a Constituent Organisation, unless the Board grants IPA Direct Membership.

(2) Violation of IPA Criteria. The Board, after such fact-finding as it deems reasonable and a hearing that permits the IPA Member’s position to be presented, by vote of two-thirds of the Board’s Entire Voting Membership may suspend or expel an IPA Member for material violation of IPA Criteria. An IPA Member suspended or expelled by the Board may request that an adverse decision be reconsidered by filing a written petition with the President, who shall appoint, subject to the Board’s approval, an ad hoc review panel of five (5) senior IPA Members who are not voting members of the Board; the review panel shall review the facts pursuant to procedures prescribed by the Board and issue an advisory recommendation to the Board, which shall review the matter at its next meeting. The Board may suspend its action during such a review.

(3) Constituent Organisation Primary Jurisdiction. The IPA shall not suspend or expel an IPA Member under the preceding paragraph unless the Constituent Organisation, if any, through which the IPA Member is qualified for IPA Membership, has had an opportunity to address the problem.

Section F. Attendance at Scientific Meetings. Subject to applicable rules adopted by the Board, all IPA Members may attend scientific meetings held by the IPA or any Constituent Organisation.

Section G. Disclaimer of Liability. The admittance by the IPA of any person, or such person’s status, as an IPA Member (whether as an IPA Direct Member or through a Constituent Organisation) shall not constitute a guarantee representation or warranty of their competence and accordingly no responsibility is accepted by the IPA for any act or omission by any IPA Member.