This is a project of the International New Groups Committee.

While in the West psychoanalysis is fighting to maintain its position among other therapies, in a world where there is less time for introspection and self-reflection; in the East a new frontier is opening up  with a surge of interest in psychoanalysis on the part of the younger generations and the mental health professionals. These developments are not always known to our IPA colleagues. The aim of this site is to inform and to share with the wider IPA community the scientific activities and initiatives of our Asian colleagues, while fostering  a closer exchange of information and collaboration among the Asian societies and groups.

In this project we have the collaboration of well-established Societies, such as India, Japan and Australian, the Korean Study Group, the Taiwan Allied Centre, and more recently the IPA China Committee Training in Beijing and Shanghai.

Ms. Francesca Battisti-Davies in London [francesca@ipa.org.uk]  is coordinating  the project, please contact her if you wish to send information, comments, ideas.

Maria Teresa Savio Hooke
ING Chair


Dear colleagues,

In Boston we had a number of activities focused on Asia. Such activities and small group discussions have brought the ING and the IPA  much closer to our Asian colleagues and made the Asian colleagues more aware of each other's, of the richness of the local resources,  and more interested in collaborating and sharing experiences. The Vice President. the President and the ING Committee had the impression that  in such meetings we reached a level of understanding, of communication and a capacity to work together which was really genuine and a commitment to continue the sharing of clinical and scientific work  on the part  of the Asian colleagues.  There seemed also  to a new  awareness of the interest and the support  of the IPA and ING to  the development of psychoanalysis in the Asian region. 

We had an Asian Clinical meeting in which Dr. Minnie Dastur of the Indian Society presented  clinical material,  which was also attended by the IPA Vice -President Alexandra Billinghurst. This was a very successful meeting, with a most stimulating discussion in which we found much common ground.  As a follow-up there is a plan  to have  further clinical meetings  among Asian colleagues with the organizational support of Broomhills. 
We had a meeting of Asian leaders in which various issues regarding present difficulties and further developments  were discussed together with common scientific activities and concrete proposals for it. You will receive the minutes of this meeting very soon. The IPA President Stefano Bolognini attended part of this meeting.

We had a SDG Small Discussion Group with a wider participation of Asian colleagues, chaired by Alexandra Billinghurst and Maria Teresa Hooke. In this meeting  the current  status of psychoanalysis in the different Asian countries was discussed, plus the relationship between psychoanalysis and the local cultures,  the relationship with the mental health organizations
and political regimes,   the future perspective for the development of psychoanalysis in the region. For this occasion Prof. Osamu Fukumoto Training analyst of the Japan Psychoanalytic Society and Dr Jaehak Yu, Chair of the Education Committee and Training Analyst of the Korean Study Group, had prepared papers which - due to an unfortunate change of schedule - were unable to read at the meeting.  You will find these most interesting and wide ranging papers here attached.

Thank you for responding to our invitations and for your generous participation.  We welcome your feedback, comments, ideas!

With warm wishes,
Maria Teresa Hooke
International New Group






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    Dr. Kunihiro Matsuki


    Scientific activities: 
    1.Report: Dec 14 - Mar 15
    2.A Japanese Contribution to the SDG at the Boston Congress.


    Annual Scientific and Business Meeting of the JPS
    June 13-14, 2015 in Tokyo








    Dr. Timothy Keogh



    Member and Open Day Conference: A Treatment for our times: Contemporary psychoanalysis and serious mental disorders
    September 1- 6 2015



    Dr. Minnie Dastur



    We would like to let our colleagues know about a presence in Indonesia:
    Ms. Sara Rouhzad is a qualified Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, from Mumbai, India.  She is also a senior adult psychoanalytical candidate with the Indian Psychoanalytic Society, training with the Mumbai Group.   She has worked  intensively with children and adolescents over a period of  5 years. She has recently married and shifted/relocated to Djakarta, Indonesia and is setting up a practice there. 















    Dr. Wang Qian



    [October 14th-16th, 2015]
    Teaching psychoanalysis in China? Training analysts for Chinese candidates: A Call to All IPA analysts









    Dr. Sun Jun Chung











    Dr. Jen-Yu Chou