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Asia-pacific Conference sydney

Belonging, Displacement and Loss in Times of Turmoil

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52nd IPA Congress vancouver


21 - 24 JULY 2021

Veranstaltungskalender der IPV

Infos über die weltweiten Aktivitäten unserer Analytiker

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A brand new episode of IPA’s On and Off the Couch has just been released : Episode 26: ‘A Tale of Two Selves’: A Psychoanalyst Treats Post Eating Disorder Sexual Self-Destructiveness

Register now for our November webinar: Violent Radicalisation and Lone Wolf Terrorists. Featured speakers: Carine Minne, Louis Brunet and Maria Pia Conte 



Issue 8: Sexualities and Diversity

Blog: Psychoanalysts from Brazil expand their work

With Universidade de Brasília medical students by Helena Daltro Pontual

The intimate letters of Sigmund Freud by Eran Rolnik No1 Bestseller

Since its publication in April 2019 Eran Rolnik’s annotated edition of Freud’s letters to 70 different recipients is Nr. 1 in Israel’s Bestsellers’ list for Non-fiction. Bettmann / Getty Images IL

Interregionales Enzyklopädisches Psychoanalytisches Wörterbuch:

New entries for August 2019: AMAE, in FarsiConflict in Portuguese; Intersubjectivity in French and Spanish

Books: New and forthcoming

See our new books in the IPA series.

IPA Society of the Month

Venezuelan Psychoanalytic Association

Videos: Freud in Argentina: 80 years after his death

Roundtable discussions including IPA members and the IPA President, Virginia Ungar (videos in Spanish)

IPA Awards and Prizes 2019

2019 Awards and Prizes recipients