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Colombian Psychoanalytic Association

Calle 134 N° 17-71
Phone: 57 1 522 7627 / 259 6000
Fax: 57 1 522 76 27

The Colombian Psychoanalytical Association is a Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA).

We are a non-profit scientific organisation, consisting of professionals dedicated to the academic study, research and dissemination of psychoanalysis in Colombia.

Our vision is to occupy the forefront of the science of psychoanalysis in Colombia, in regard to its research, development, diffusion and regulation of practice.

For further information please visit the Association's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Fabio Eslava CerónPresidentMember2/22/2014101450
Dr. Henry García MoncaleanoTreasurerMember2/27/2010109056
Dr. Edgard Yamhure KattahDirector of Training InstituteMember2/22/2014104095
Dra. María Clara Syro MoralesOfficerMember2/22/2014145216
Diana Isabel Robles PachecoOfficerMember2/29/2020150317
Dr. Alvaro Méndez PeñarandaOfficerMember2/20/2016106198
Dr. med., Dr. phil. Eduardo Laverde-RubioEditor/Publications DirectorMember1/1/2018104608
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Dr. Horacio Arias Duque Training AnalystEnglish,Spanish102166
Dra. Sonia Bialikamien Goldband Training AnalystSpanish100775
Lic. Psych. Hilda Botero Cadavid  English,Spanish143516
Dr. Danilo Diazgranados Moncada Training AnalystSpanish102028
Dr. Fabio Eslava Cerón Training AnalystEnglish,Spanish101450
Dr. Henry García Moncaleano  English,French,Spanish109056
Eduardo Gómez Escallon  English,French,Spanish103120
Dr. Mario González Velásquez Training AnalystSpanish103141
Dr. Iván Alberto Jiménez Rojas  Spanish139618
Dr. Otto F. Kernberg  English,German,Spanish104179
Dr. med., Dr. phil. Eduardo Laverde-Rubio  Spanish,English,French104608
Dr. Jorge E. Lievano  English104842
Dr. José A. Márquez Cuervo Training AnalystSpanish105223
Dr. Alvaro Méndez Peñaranda Training AnalystSpanish106198
Lilián Rocío Morales Puerto  English,Spanish150323
María Victoria Niño Villamarín  Spanish146850
Dr. Liborio Orejuela Devis Training AnalystSpanish102000
Pedro Andrés Orostegui  English,Spanish150320
Diana Isabel Robles Pacheco  English,Spanish150317
Dr. Guillermo Sánchez Medina  Spanish,French,English107125