Polish Psychoanalytical Society XXII Conference - CANCELLED

Polish Psychoanalytical Society  XXII Conference - CANCELLED
The many facets of sexuality

Polish Psychoanalytical Society 
XXII Conference: The many facets of sexuality
23rd May 2020

Papers presented by:
Anna Czownicka  (Polish Psychoanalytical Society)
Ilka Quindeau (German Psychoanalytical Society)
Andrea Sabbadini  (British Psychoanalytical Society)

All conference lectures and discussions will be in English and Polish. 

Venue: Warsaw, Biology Dept. Warsaw University, ul. I. Miecznikowa 1
Registration: 9:00-10:00 Closing: 18:00
Conference fee : 90€ (until 16th May 2020), 110€ after this date. Students 50€. 
Payments with proper annotation: „Sexuality 2019 conference” should be made to:  

The Polish Psychoanalytical Society 
IBAN PL50 1440 1390 0000 0000 1529 4892 / SWIFT: NDEAPLP2  

SEBA transfers are preferable.

Registration is based on payment by transfer to the account, along with clearly stated details of participant. 
email: ptpa@psychoanaliza.org.pl

Email: ptpa@psychoanaliza.org.pl
Website: psychoanaliza.org.pl 

Biology Dept., ul. I. Miecznikow Warsaw University Warsaw POLAND