Elections 2019

Dear colleague:
As you probably know, the 25th IPSO Congress will happen together with the IPA's 51st Congress in London, next July 23-27.

Furthermore, a very important event is getting ready to happen between now and then: our first electronic elections for the IPSO Executive Committee. The Executive Committee (or Ex-Com) is the central administration responsible for running the day-to-day business of IPSO, organizing programs and activities in each region and, naturally, the IPSO Congress. It is an amazing opportunity to work closely with colleagues from all around the world and to contribute to the growth and development of our organizations.

The elections used to occur during the IPSO Business Meetings during the IPSO Congresses. People who could not attend the congress could still vote, but those votes had to be physically mailed in, and that is what we wished to change. Our hope, with this, is not only to update our procedures, but also to help more people take part in this process, making it more democratic. So, this message is to encourage our members to run for positions in the Ex-Come and join us in our work!

For the term to start after the London Congress, the following positions are open:

President-Elect (Due to Region rotation, this candidate must be from the IPA/IPSO European Region);
Vice-President Elect for Europe;
Vice-President Elect for North America;
Vice-President Elect for Latin America;

Assistant-Treasurer* (see end note for details);

We encourage you to contact the current Ex-Com members if you have questions.

Persons wishing to run for each position must send their bids for nomination with the following documents, by March 1st, to IPSO-President@ipso-candidates.org.uk

- A statement by the proposed nominee, indicating their willingness to serve through the end of their term, regardless of whether or not they graduate during their term of office.
- A Curriculum Vitae
- A statement in writing that the nominee is not currently involved in any disputes relating to their ethical conduct.
- A statement in writing from the Institute Director indicating that the nominee is in good standing. Good standing means a candidate actively engaged in an IPA training program according to the training model of the Institute where he/she is training’.

The vote is scheduled to occur between March 15th and April 1st.

Let us work together!
From the IPSO Executive Committee:
Leonardo Siqueira Araújo - President
Kathryn McCormick - President-Elect
Nergis Guleç - Vice-President for Europe
Artur Sousa - Vice-President Elect for Europe
Giuliana Rivera - Vice-President for Latin America
Silvia Acosta - Vice-President Elect for Latin America
Hanna Ratjen - Vice-President for for North America
Kristin Whiteside - Vice-President Elect for North America
Davide Rosso - Treasurer
Karoline Parth - Assistant Treasurer
Cláudia Antonelli - Editor

(*) Note: In 2017, during the Business Meeting for the Buenos Aires Congress, the IPSO Members approved the creation of the Assistant Treasurer position. The Assistant Treasurer is supposed to serve a two-year term, then to become Treasurer for another two years, in a similar manner to the Elect position. Due to the fact that this was a new position, the Ex-Com appointed the first person for this post. Now, in this election, both posts will be up for election: the post of Treasurer, with a two year term; and the post of Assistant Treasurer, with a four-year term (two as Assistant, two as Treasurer).
From 2021 onward only the Assistant Treasurer position will be up for election.