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Welcome to the new online edition of our newsletter! We hope it will bring you the information you need and inspire you to become involved in the IPSO activities in your (or in any other) region. There are many  upcoming events…Read more


The new year of 2014 has brought new members and new ideas for the IPSO in Europe. After a fruitful ExCom meeting week in New York, we started to prepare the events of 2014…Read more

Latin America

Latin America psychoanalytic world is growing steadily. Last  January, at the IPSO meeting in NYC, our treasurer Renato Pordeus informed us that Latin America was the fastest...Read more

North America

Here we are again to provide you with a News Flash about the activities we are planning in North America and Asia (including the U.S., Canada, China, Korea, and Japan)... Read more


It is an honour to have a space in the Newsletter to share with our community, as it is also a great responsibility of the IPSO Treasurer to report back about the work accomplished during the first semester in 2014...R
ead more


I hope you will like the new format of our newsletter – we decided to use a shorter version since being candidate includes a lot of reading anyway. We are also using faster online tools…Read more

Visiting Candidate Program (VCP)

I am very pleased to report that in the first half of 2014, the VCP still is favoured and appreciated by the IPSO members. The VCP  provides its participants with the unique opportunity…Read more

Administrative Secretary

Our website is becoming an interactive tool that enables you to share the data we have for our members. Some of the useful tools we have are; a live roster that allows our members to check their contact details... Read more

Newsletter 9  -  June 2014



Proposals may only be submitted electronically
in the language in which you intend to present your paper

The three best papers will be invited to present during the Plenary



7 September 2014


1 December 2014


7 September 2014