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Connecting to ourselves and others
Presenter: Judit Simon, psychoanalyst and training and supervising therapist of the Hungarian Associaton for Movement and Dance Therapy
25 March 2023, 19.00 – 20.30
Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society, Magvető Café
The event is in Hungarian.
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In the next Freud Café, we will focus on the theme of connecting with ourselves and others. Much of our understanding of each other comes from physical movements rather than verbal communication. The most elemental level of experiencing ourselves is the connection to our bodies. What does it mean? What makes it difficulted/complicated? What are the cultural and historical reasons behind these difficulties?

Program description

The relationship with our bodies is not as simple as we would like to believe. It may be easy to reduce it only to the physical control of our bodies. It is essential to perceive ourselves on a bodily level to recognise our own needs and not lose sight of them when connecting to others. The practitioner will illustrate her message with exercises used in Psychodynamic Movement and Dance Therapy (PMDT). PMDT is a therapeutic method based on contemporary psychoanalytic theories, where different exercises are very similar to the situations in which the original connection patterns with the caregiver are inscribed/coded. These early patterns belong to the implicit memory that cannot be accessed through words, however, in the course of PMDT, they appear in a very direct here-and-now way, making them easier to be perceptible, understand and reconstruct. All these therapeutic processes can ultimately lead to changes in existing connection patterns. The speaker will spend an hour and a half expounding these thoughts, then reflecting on those with the audience during the last third of the programme.