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Talks On Psychoanalysis shares topics published in the IPA Society Journals and Congress debates worldwide, brought to you through the voices of the original authors. This podcast is produced by the International Psychoanalytical Association.

Podcast Team Coordinator
: Gaetano Pellegrini
Collaborators: Andy Cohen (English); Johanna Velt (French); Monica D’Alançon (German); Marcos de Soldati, Ana María Martín Solar (Spanish); Isabel Silveira (Portuguese); Soh Agatsuma, Atsumi Minamisawa, Kouhei Harada (Japanese) 

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Latest Episode 25
Udo Hock: Distortion/Entstellung: a fundamental concept of psychoanalysis.

In this episode Udo Hock presents his paper on the notion of “distortion” in psychoanalysis. He has been working for many years on this notion that has been neglected by post-Freudian authors: the “Distortion” or “Disfigurement”, “Entstellung” in German. In this podcast, he demonstrates that the term has the status of a fundamental concept in Freud's work. It characterizes the method, the metapsychological concepts as well as the technique of psychoanalysis which is in the tradition of Freud. It is a guideline not only for our clinical work, but also for our thinking on the Unconscious. After studies in Berlin and Paris, Udo Hock worked as a psychoanalyst in private practice in Berlin. He is member of the Publications Committee of the IPA; member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation "Jean Laplanche“ in Paris; translator and editor of the work of Jean Laplanche into German; coeditor of the German psychoanalytical journal “Psyche” and lecturer at the International Psychoanalytical University of Berlin. He has written many articles about the classical themes of psychoanalysis, as the concepts of “Drive”, “Time”, “Infantile Sexuality”, “Transference”, “Repetition”, “Cover Memory”- and on the work of Jean Laplanche. He is the author of the book “Thinking the Unconscious: Repetition and Death Drive“ published in German in 2012.
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26 November 2020

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