First Annual Psychoanalytical Conference 2013
‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Religion’

Held By the
Psychoanalytical Unit, Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences - Fortis Healthcare
in association with
School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi


Watch the video of the Plenary  with Sudhir Kakar

The conference schedule was as follows:

Day 1: 19th December 2013, Thursday

8:00-9:00:     Registration    

9:00-10:00:     Inauguration of the Conference: Prof. Shyam Menon (Vice Chancellor-     Ambedkar University, Delhi), Dr. Dilpreet Brar, Dr. Samir Parikh    
10:00-11:00:      Session 1       Sudhir Kakar: “Is Psychoanalysis also a Spiritual Discipline?”

11:00-11:30:    Tea    

11:30-12:30:    Session 2    Salman Akhtar (via Video): “The Impasse Between
Psychoanalysis And Religion: Causes And Potential Solutions”

12:30 1:30:    Session 2    Ashok Nagpal: “ ‘Religious’ In the Clinic”

1:30-2:30:    Lunch    
Poster Presentations will be on display from lunchtime onwards.

Session 3 Chair: Ashok Nagpal
2:30-3:00:    Session 3    Sabah Siddiqui: “Possession as a Technology of the Self: Religion and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue”

3:00-3:30:    Session 3    Shalini Masih: “Terrors to Expansions: A Journey Mediated         through Faith”

3:30-4:00:    Session 3    Sudhir Kakar Prize Winning Paper
Amrita Narayanan: “FEMINISTS IN THE POLIS: Reading Sudhir Kakar in the context of Women’s Sexuality”
4:00-4:30:    Session 3    Award and Discussion

4:30-5:00:    Tea    

5:00-7:00:    Book Release: “Psychoanalysis, Culture and Religion: Essays in Honor of Sudhir Kakar”    edited by Dinesh Sharma by H.E. The Ambassador of France- Francois Richier, followed by short presentations by contributors in person- (Ramin Jahanbegloo, Manasi Kumar, Anurag Mishra, Jhuma Basak) and via video (Wendy Doniger, John Ross, Jeffery Kripal, June McDaniel, Dinesh Sharma, Salman Akhtar)

8 pm:         Contributory Drinks & Dinner (Details attached)

Day 2: 20th December 2013, Friday

8:00-9:00:    IPSO meeting: Only for Affiliates of Indian/ Other Psychoanalytical Society
        Manasi Kumar: Introduction to IPSO
        Jhuma Basak: My Experiences with IPSO
        Election of President, Vice President, Treasurer

9:00-11:00:    Session 1       Ken Reich- Workshop: “Hope as an Agent of Change in     Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy”

11:00-11:30:     Tea            

11:30-12:30:    Session 2    Madhu Sarin:  “Indian Culture and the Culture of Psychoanalysis: An Appraisal From a Clinical Perspective”    

Session 3: Chair:     Rachana Johri
12:30- 1:00:    Session 3    Manasi Kumar: “ ‘Girls Are To Be Seen, Not To Be Heard’ Linking Child Attachment, Gender, Poverty: Understanding Social Trauma Of Kutchi Girls In Post Earthquake Gujarat”

1:00-1:30:         Session 3          Urvashi Agarwal: “Remembering, Repeating and Working Through: The Indian Girl Child”

1:30-2:30:    Lunch    

Session 4: Chair:       Anup Dhar        
2:30-3:00:    Session 4    Sarala Kapoor:  “Culture, Religion and Psychoanalysis: The Source of Human Existence”

3:00-3:30:    Session 4         Zehra Mehdi: “Religion as Analytical Symptom: Remembered in History, Repeated in Cultures and Worked through in the Psyche”

Session 5:  Chair:      Jhuma Basak
3:30 to 4:00:    Session 5    Darshan Shah: “Ego Ideal And The Defense Of Omnipotent Parent Transference: Synergistic Work Of Religion And Psychoanalysis To Address A Moral Dilemma”

4:00 to 4:30:    Session 5    Ajeet Mathur: “Two cultures? Frontiers of faith in yoga and psychoanalysis”

4:30 to 5:00:        Tea

Session 6: Chair:     Nilofer Kaul
5:00-5:30:         Session 6     Jhuma Basak:  “Psychoanalytic Dialogue on the Creative Maze”

Session 7
5:30 – 6:30:        Session 7    Honey Oberoi Vahali:  “From Wild Grasslands to Nurtured Gardens:  The inward journey in Buddhism, Psychoanalysis and Engaged Social Activism”
6:30-7:00:        Session 8    Summing up and Closing of the conference

Conference Chair: Anurag Mishra (Chief- Psychoanalytical Unit, Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare)
Conference Co-Chair: Prof. Honey Oberoi Vahali (Dean- School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi)