Interest-Free Loans to IPA Candidates

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The 2022 application round is to be announced. 

In order to be eligible, applicants must be IPA Candidates in good standing with their training institute. Additionally, the Candidate Loan Panel requests that applicants have at least active psychoanalytic supervised treatment at the time of their application. 

As you know, an 'IPA Candidate' is one studying at an IPA-recognised Institute or under an IPA sponsoring committee and undergoing a course that will lead to membership in the related IPA Society and thus the IPA itself. 

  • In 2004 the IPA launched an appeal to its members for funds to offer loans to IPA Candidates. Since then the IPA has increased the amount available considerably. The same amount is available to each of the three IPA geographical regions.
  • Loans will be between US$1,000 and US$5,000. 
  • The funds may be used for any purpose related to training. 
  • Loans will be subject to contract that will specify the repayment period. 
  • Repayment will normally start a year after the IPA Candidate’s graduation, at the rate of US$1,000 a year, interest-free, until the loan is repaid. 
  • In compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), data received from applicants will only be used and stored for the purposes of the Candidate Loan programme. Information on how  we keep your data confidential can be found in the Candidate Loans Panel procedural code under section 9. Applications will be handled in complete confidence. The names of applicants and recipients will not be disclosed to anyone apart from the IPA staff, who administer the applications. The administrative staff at Lexicon may contact the IPA Candidate’s Institute to seek confirmation that the Candidate is indeed an IPA Candidate of good standing within the Institute and under other unusual circumstances, such as when there is difficulty in contacting an IPA Candidate. In all cases the administrative staff will use reasonable endeavours to protect confidentiality as much as is possible. 


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IPA Candidate Loan Panel
Eva Maria Reichelt – Chair - (Berlin, Germany) 
Deborah Bilder – (California, United States)
Sharon Francis Harrison – (Ottawa, Canada)
Alexandre Martins de Mello– (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)
Ma. Dolores Montilla Bravo – (Mexico City, Mexico)
Gianina Micu (Bucharest, Romania)
Vitaly Zimin  (Moscow, Russia)