Trump's Narcissism

Peter Wolson, in the Huffington Post, writes:

Americans are shocked on a daily basis by President Trump’s infantile, narcissistic behavior: his hypersensitivity to criticism and impulsive, retaliatory insults, such as against MSNBC journalists “Morning Joe” Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, his flagrant lying and grandiose hubris through which he elevates his ego above respect for the responsibility and integrity of the American presidency. His political inattention, poor judgment and ominous self-reliance have resulted in two congressional committees and a special counsel appointed by the FBI investigating him and his campaign for collusion with the Russian government and obstruction of justice, which pundits are comparing to Nixon’s Watergate scandal. Instead of “making America great again,” Trump’s America is rapidly losing its leadership in international affairs. The drumbeat for impeachment grows louder. Read full article
Peter Wolson, Contributor