Publications Committee


The Publications Committee is charged with formulating an overall strategy for publications in the IPA. This strategy should ensure that publications clearly supports the interests of the membership, enhances the reputation of the IPA as an authoritative international organisation, particularly in the wider professional community, and maintains the publications output of the IPA, particularly in terms of fulfilling the agreement with Routledge.

To reflect the current process of internationalisation of the IPA, the Publications Committee will ensure the promotion of the educational function of the IPA, to meet the growing demand for psychoanalytical education, scholarship and culture.

The Publications Committee is charged with the following specific tasks:

  1. To expand the current 5 book series it publishes jointly with Routledge (Contemporary Freud: Turning Points and Critical Issues; Controversies in Psychoanalysis; International Psychoanalysis; Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications and Psychoanalytic Classics Revisited). The committee will do this by:
  2. Developing a strategy in terms of establishing a coherent and commercial publishing list aimed primarily at the IPA membership alongside a broader psychoanalytical readership.
  3. Commission IPA authors and editors, review book proposals and oversee the production of manuscripts.
  4. Support the marketing and promotion of the books with Routledge.
  5. To produce such IPA publications as the IPA Board or Executive Committee may from time to time agree in terms of commissioning editors and producing manuscripts.
  6. To solicit ideas for publications from the Societies and the membership at large.

    Under our agreement with Routledge, Routledge pays for all production and marketing costs post manuscript. The IPA will receive a yearly percentage of royalties on sales.


    The Chair of the Committee will provide such reports as the Board requires for its reporting system, including at least an annual report setting out the books published during the year, total annual sales for each book published, royalty payments received per book, and a list of forthcoming books.

    Separation of Functions and Resources

    The Committee should remain separate from the production, marketing and sales functions aside from the areas set out above. The overall business model will be supported by a part-time Publications Manager and by the usual Committee support offered by the IPA Finance Department.


    The Chair and Members of this Committee will be assumed to have submitted their resignations on the change of IPA administration in accordance with the Committees' section within the IPA's Procedural Code.

    Approved by the Board January 2002

    Revision to reflect agreement with Karnac books approved by the Board by e-mail October 2008

    Revision to the term were approved by the Board July 2012

    Removal of the term "Broomhills", March 2017

    Revisions to reflect agreement with Routledge, approved by the Board December 2021

Full NamePosition
Dra. Silvia FlechnerChair
Dr. Fred BuschMember
Natacha Julia DelgadoMember
Nergis GüleçMember
Thomas MarcacciMember
Dr. Carlos Eugenio MoguillanskyMember
Dr. Rafael MondrzakIPSO Representative
Prof., MD Nilgun TaskintunaMember
Dr. Angela VuottoIPSO Representative
Ms. Rhoda BawdekarEx-Officio
Dr. Gabriela LegorretaConsultant