2021 Short Story Contest

Writing fiction is a creative way of exploring one’s mind by elaborating with words what fleetingly emerges in images, thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. Many analysts write fiction. As their analytic work requires them to recreate their patients’ stories in their minds, writing fiction fosters their capacity to immerse themselves in still inarticulate experiences, some of which may initially even seem of minor importance yet still carry the heart of the matter.

While there are many options to publish scientific and clinical papers, fiction writing usually remains an unseen activity of our colleagues. The Short Story Contest - called for by the IPA Culture Committee -  gave these texts a place to be shared with our colleagues and we are now pleased to announce the authors whose work has been selected to be published later this year in a book titled: The Analyst as Storyteller / 'El Analista como Narrador'. Pre-order the book here

Selected Authors

Viviane Auzias (France) L'envie
Fabio Castriota (Italy) Ice Rock
Nicolás Correa (Chile) Las llaves
Georges Gachnochi (France) Chaude Soirée d'Hiver
Bertha Gamarra (Colombia) Mañana de domingo
Christopher Gibson (Sweden) Revelation
Christa Hoffmann (Germany) Die Platzanweiserin
Francisca Hutnik (Argentina) Mi gato, mi querido gato
Richard Kluft (United States) How I Got A Superstar Agent
Clarice Kowacs (Brazil) Quando a manhã luminosa
Rosemarie Krausz (Canada) The Boarders
Sarit Kreutzer (Germany) Holes
Vera Lamanno Adamo (Brazil) A mulher do segundo andar
Michal Lapinski (Australia) De Profundis (English)
Demian Leighton (Chile) El último fin de semana del verano
Ana López (Mexico) Volador de Cuetzalan 
Donald Moss (United States) Hand or Sleeve, No Matter
Lori O’Brien (United States) Requiem for the Lime Trees
Brindusa Orasanu (Romania) Flory and his Elizabeth
Tatiana Pankova (Russia) Once upon a time there was a beast
Jhelum Podder (India) ABSENT TOUCHES
Roberto Santoro Almeida (Brazil) Persona - Conto Carioca
Maria Carolina Scoz Monti (Brazil) AVESSO / INSIDE OUT / EL REVÉS
Valerie Sinason (United Kingdom) Eskimo
Rafael P. Tinelli (Brazil) O Jantar
Sonia Eva Tucherman (Brazil) Lava-pés, lençóis e almas
İlkşen Umman (Turkey) Dokuma Tezgâhı
Alessandra Vicari (Germany) Lettere d'amore bruciate in padella (Italian)
Adela Vinocur (Argentina) Estación abuelas
Gemma Zontini (Italy) Un assassinio senza pretese