IPA in Culture Committee Presents: The voice of resistance in culture

The International Psychoanalytic Association invites you to participate in the upcoming webinar The voice of resistance in culture.

Writers, artists, musicians, photographers, and film directors have an important function in reflecting social and political trends. With a number of examples, the presenters of this webinar will reflect on how the voices of culture respond to and transform the experience of danger, pain and human suffering in a creative act of resistance.

This webinar will feature the members of the IPA in Culture Committee, Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau (Chair), Claudia Antonelli, Elisabetta Marchiori, Andreas Mittermayr, Julie Jaffee Nagel, Valeria Ricchieri, and Johanna Velt

Themes to be discussed:

  • Contribution by Claudia Antonelli, Brazil: The transformative power of literature
    Reflections on Scherazade of 1001 Nights and ElGendy’s writing from an Egyptian Prison

  • Contribution by Valeria Ricchieri, Argentina: In the line of resistance
    50 years on, war photographer Nick Ut looks back on iconic photo with 'Napalm Girl' Kim Phuc 
    Click link here

  • Contribution by Johanna Velt, France: (Photographic) Revelation
    Nan Goldin - The Art of the Snapshot

  • Contribution by Elisabetta Marchiori, Italy: Reflection: A film about the resistance of the mind in the line of fire
    Click to watch excerpts from the film Reflection 
    Elisabetta Marchiori_REFLECTION

  • Contribution by Andreas Mittermayr, Austria: The resistance of music - the music of resistance
    Odessa Opera Choir in front of the Odessa opera house
    The National Anthem

    Ukrainian Army next to a bomb crater

    Amelia Anisovych singing Ukrainian anthem before an audience

  • Contribution by Julie Jaffee Nagel, USA:  Music and mind in the line of fire
    Vladimir Horowitz, piano  and Zubin Mehta, conductor NY Philharmonic, 1978

    Composer: Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) Repertoire: Bernstein: Symphony No. 2 "The Age of Anxiety" / 
    Part 2 / 2. The Masque Artists: Krystian Zimerman, piano + Berliner Philharmoniker - cdt.: Sir Simon Rattle Berliner Philharmonie - June 2018

Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau will moderate and facilitate the discussion between the panelists and the audience.