Cultural Essays

The IPA in Culture Committee invites you to share your psychoanalytic reflections on literature, movies, art, music, dance, creativity and all aspects of cultural life in the form of a brief essay. If you wish to share a brief essay on your psychoanalytic thoughts about culture with the IPA community, please send your text to Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau:

Please note the views in these essays are not selected or evaluated by the culture committee but express only the opinions of their authors. The essays can be translated by DeepL .



Jacqueline Girard-Frésard
Sexual Overflow, Here and There READ  

Marc Babonneau
Du Masochisme au service de la Vie. READ  

Sonia Abadi
Habitar el tercer espacio, una experiencia transformadora READ  

Annemarie Andina-Kernen
Vom Zauber der Worte READ  

Maurice Apprey
Chiasmatic Crossings between Freud’s Clinical Projects and Social Concerns: Response to Howard L. Kaye’s   Freud as a Social and Cultural Theorist: On Human Nature and the Civilizing Process at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia on November 8th, 2019.  READ  

Juan Augosto Laplacette
El Dibujar de las Infancias. Primeros Trazos de Subjetividad. READ
Ilany Kogan
Narcissistic Fantasies in Film and Fiction- Masters of the Universe READ  

Clarissa Lasky
Ella READ  

Richard M. Waugaman 
Freud was Correct—The Earl of Oxford Wrote Shakespeare's Works!
Juan C. Capo
Un narrador insoslayable: Henry James

Giuliana Canonica Hemmele
Ici et ailleurs. Y a-t-il une créativité psychanalytique face au monde spirituel?
Karla Zárate
Klein: lo oral sádico en un thriller

Karla Zárate
La melancolía en Virginia Woolf a partir de Freud

Felix Gimenez Noble
Lo Ominoso en la Cultura 

Max Belkin
Mad Men: Don Draper on the Couch

Joseph S. Reynoso
On being a sports fan

Haydeé Celia Kohan Éngelberg
La Literatura y el Psicoanálisis Freud _ Proust 

Kalliope Eberhardt-Rittmann
Zur Psychoanalyse des Gartens

Laura Palacios
Psicoanalistas: ¿Por qué es fascinante la Física? (Supernovas, Agujeros Negros… LA NADA ESTABA ADENTRO)

Jane Hall
Tango, Jazz, and Psychoanalysis

Sérgio Telles
Um “Totem e Tabu” para a contemporaneidade?

Marina Christoforidou
Westworld and Inner World.

Barbara Stimmel
Life, Death, and In-Between